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a two-wheeled horse-drawn covered carriage with the driver's seat above and behind the passengers


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Mary Jane Kelly was said to have enjoyed travelling in hansom cabs and the Cardiff Argus of December 1888 gives us a fascinating glimpse of life in Cardiff by gaslight.
He examines works including The Mystery of a Hansom Cab and The Strand Magazine and explores themes of medicine, vivisection, social purity, and the reinvention of Victorian criminality, among others.
The terms 'in anger' and 'last' being all too apposite in his case, as minutes after last using it he was run down and killed by a hansom cab while in hot pursuit.
With two of Manhattan's five horse and carriage stables scheduled to close soon, 15 hansom cab drivers teamed up to save their horses from going homeless and themselves from going out of business, by purchasing their own midtown stable.
Two weeks after the 60ish peer of the realm has died, his rotting corpse is found in a hansom cab.
Riding in a magical hansom cab, the audience visits events that shaped the "Big Apple" image of New York City.
Built in 1829 by Joseph Hansom, the designer of the Hansom cab, the building housed up to 30 prisoners.
To his left, Lord Snooty (David Cameron) employed that frown he favours when trying to look like a statesman, but instead looks like an 1880s aristocrat staring out of a hansom cab at beggars.
After all, even riding in a hansom cab throws up a certain amount of dust which is likely to irritate the throat and make it dry.
the liver Swap the car for a hansom cab and it becomes North London in the days when Hampstead Heath was semi-rural.
In an attempt to make sense of the law, the judge, sitting with Mr Justice Langstaff, had to wade through legal precedents and statutes going back to the Victorian era of the Hansom Cab and four-wheeled "growlers" so familiar to readers of the Sherlock Holmes novels.
The Right Time just holds Hansom Cab in the sprint handicap, while Smoke catches Demo-kos on the line in the 12-furlong event.
An additional attraction at Madame Tussaud's New York, "It Happened in New York" is an immersive, domed attraction which takes guests on a magical midnight ride via a virtual Hansom cab to experience major events and moments which celebrate the city's illustrious history.