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Hanseatic Bank is a private bank based in Hamburg and operating throughout Germany.
Making her maiden Mersey call, Hanseatic is according to the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising (the cruise passengers' Bible), the world's only five-star expedition-cruise ship.
Hanseatic city Tour includes a visit to the Old city of Riga that has preserved its charm from days of booming commerce in medieval times.
Carrying the esteemed silks of Khalid Abdullah, Hanseatic falls into the 'could be anything' bracket at this stage, but the feeling is an initial mark of 80 could prove lenient.
An introductory chapter, presented in both German and English, gives background on its history and extensions, the statue, and the history and structure of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.
Together with the intellectual and cultural life there has also been lively trading throughout the centuries of which Tartu's Hanseatic history speaks.
Focused on countries and urban centres with links to Hanseatic trade (although it excludes those in England, Flanders and Russia) between AD 1160 and 1650, it has brought together extensive work with botanical remains with a view to discerning common points of reference across the region.
Using an impressive array of social, economic, and political sources, Aaslestad examines how Hamburg's eighteenth-century civic republicanism evolved into a regional political identity of 'North Germany,' which enabled Bremen, Lubeck, and Hamburg to redefine their Hanseatic mercantilism as part of a larger German identity.
Hanseatic Shipping Company Limited has opened a new 2,250 sq ft UK office on the Orion Business Park in North Tyneside.
THE Waxman was a pirate ship, preying in the English Channel until cornered in 1300 by two ships flying the colours of the Hanseatic League.
This is one of the world's most scenic voyages, a navigation of Norway from the old Hanseatic city of Bergen to Nordkapp and Kirkenes, well above the Arctic Circle.
Soon 40 per cent of Germans will have immigrant family histories and this is becoming apparent in practice profiles, negating the myth of homogeneity jealously guarded by male, tweed wearing Hanseatic architects.
It must have taken no less of a herculean hysteria to actually assemble and enunciate a vocabulary of feminist sculpture in the land of the Masters--a task that Genzken performed with a dogged and eventually triumphant obstinacy that associates her with her admired fellow Hanseatic elder Hanne Darboven.
The BP Acetyls Saltend Handicap ranks as a distinctly poor relation to the Coral-Eclipse Stakes, but Michael Bell, beaten in the latter with Motivator, will have been pleased all the same to clinch the former with Skidrow, who benefited from a canny ride from Hayley Turner to beat Hanseatic League by a length and a half.