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Tennis has moved on since then - and today the range of bets you can have on a match is unlimited, though sadly the hanky-panky isn't.
They still feel guilty about all that Tudor hanky-panky, presumably.
It causes mayhem when Mary and Henry and Eve and Leslie appear for a spot of extra-curricular holiday hanky-panky.
The sooner they get up to hanky-panky the better I'll like it.
His unworldliness--despite all he has seen and heard--is the perfect contrast to the high-minded hanky-panky of the inner circle.
Clifford had climaxed a distinguished career of public service both as a high official and as an advisor to presidents by embarrassing himself as the head of the First American Bankshares of Washington during a period of unseemly fiscal hanky-panky at that institution.
Women tempted by a little hanky-panky at the beach this summer might give this some thought: Getting sun could increase their vulnerability to a sexually transmitted virus--and, ultimately, to cervical cancer.
It speaks to a particular sense of injustice: Somebody is succeeding while you remain a failure ergo there must be hanky-panky afoot.
Yes, he argued, the ghosts are real, "trying to relive a passion through the young people," but there seems to have been no sexual hanky-panky in their past and certainly no sexual attraction on the part of the governess toward the boy, Miles, as Luc Bondy suggested in his Aix-en-Province/Wiener Festwochen production seen at last summer's Edinburgh International Festival.
Thomas White, Secretary of the Army, was an Enron vice president when all the hanky-panky was going on.
When suspicions about hanky-panky with his Parliamentary researcher jeopardised his political future, Mr Merchant similarly gripped his wife on their doorstep for a sudden snog that took her and the assembled hacks equally by surprise.
But the other two shepherds--summoned to grace along with the first and equally enveloped in unearthly light--are intent only on their own hanky-panky.
Either the Embassy received the information at a very late stage, or there is hanky-panky going on, with insiders only being welcomed in the bidding;
But long before the movie's blithe Oedipal scenario was liquidated by the tawdry details of Oval Office hanky-panky, Hollywood anticipated the second Clinton administration with three movies depicting the White House as a crime scene.