hanky panky

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verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

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x HANKY PANKY collection includes four new, exciting groups based on Hanky Panky's bestselling styles.
Hanky Panky may have taken longer than we thought to win her maiden but she will also come into consideration.
Hanky panky in next door's heated pool is another source of irritation while others are complaining about rockeries which turn out to be artfully disguised speaker systems for blasting out the latest hits.
If there is a bit of hanky panky it would be guy on guy which would be quite a first
We looked to see if there was any hanky panky going on in that steamy Jacuzzi room, but were disappointed to find only a few lonely beach balls floating across the empty waters.
This will put a stop to any hanky panky as well as parties.
Throw in a bit of leftover Nazi hanky panky in the art world, which still has to be sorted out 50 years after the war ended, and the plot really begins to thicken.
But in looking at this particular pair of sexual nincompoops, we don't really see an exploiter and his victim, or a temptress and her prey, or even two adults freely engaging in some mutually enjoyable hanky panky.
Hanky Panky Has Been Granted the Made in USA Certification Seal After Showing an Exemplary Commitment to Manufacturing in the United States of America for over 30 Years
Stocking stuffers (it's the little things that bring good cheer) Hanky Panky, robes, UGG Australia(almost everyone's favorite gift to find under the tree), a luxurious gift shop featuring cashmere and lace by the best brands in the world and more
HANKY PANKY (Aidan O'Brien) HANKY Panky may have failed to win in two starts but she will surely make it third-time lucky next time.
Check out, too, the original version of Do Wah Diddy from The Exciters (a big hit here for Manfred Mann), She Summits' recording of Hanky Panky (a big US hit for Tommy James and The Shondells ) and Harry Nilsson's brave re-working of Ike and Tina Turner's River Deep Mountain High.
For summer top off your look with hat from celeb-favourite ChristyeCOs Hats, shade your eyes with styles from AM eyewear and get your underwear in shocking pink, canary yellow or cobalt, from cult label Hanky Panky.
The Coventry housemate has become best friends with student Luke during her time on the Channel 4 show - although they both insist there's no hanky panky involved.
My private preview featured a young Asian couple sneaking in for some old-fashioned hanky panky.