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a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory

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When it comes to picking a dress for the night, I always choose one which has a hiding place for a hankie.
As soon as Brenda realised she could buy souvenir hankies in most seaside towns, she began to collect in earnest, with friends looking out for one for her when they went on holiday too.
Other special pieces in her collection include so-called rouge and lipstick hankies, snuff hankies and even "escape map hankies" from the Second World War showing maps and routes out of Occupied France.
They would come back with carrier bags full of them and we would sell them We got two bob for those hankies.
She had just a dozen handkerchiefs in her collection, and so she asked around to see if she could borrow hankies from other collections.
The band Snotty Scotty and the Hankies, longtime veterans of the parade, kicked off the festivities with The Rivieras' ``Warm California Sun'' as the temperature rose and beads of sweat began forming on foreheads.
Get the hankies ready to see nine-year old Mary (left), coping with her mumOs depression: OMy mum is wonderful and I love her so much.
Get your hankies at the ready when Northern Ballet Theatre brings the tragic La Traviata to The New Theatre next week.
The jibe at the Valleys boy came at a US concert where Hump alleged Jones stuffed hankies down his pants.
16] However, handkerchiefs are held by women of all ages, and while hankies might signify appropriately as love tokens in portraits of younger women, this would not be true when held by older women.
Writer Marsha Greenberg's enthusiasm for her subject is evident in the endless inventive ways she has turned vintage hankies into diminutive couture for dolls.
They'll be waving hankies for a very good cause - the Lord Mayor's charities.
OUR Great Scot spectacular is under way - and host Jackie Bird is getting her hankies ready.
THE Home Office had a sniffy reaction to plans for souvenir hankies marking the Queen's wedding in 1947.
Actually it's back with a bang, so brace yourselves and get those hankies out.