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a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory

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The show - fronted by Fern Brittan and Phillip Schofield - had a couple of items last week that had me reaching for the hankies.
Our Great Scot awards ceremony is just three weeks away and host Jackie has her hankies at the ready.
BRING a hankie if you are coming out to share in the Giants' World War I story, the city's head of culture has said.
When he went for a card with a purple hankie glued to it, they were out of stock but the bloke said, "I can get you one from our Huddersfield branch.
At that time, everyone wore a hankie and we had women who were friends in the GEC factory in Middlesbrough sewing these hankies on their night shifts.
WON'T GIVE IN WHEN I've got a full on cold I refuse to put my life on hold I battle on through the working day Then at night in my bed I lay Re-energised for the next day at work If I stayed home I'd go berserk So must keep ploughing on the best I can With Lockets and Lucozade close to hand I shut myself away, so no germs I spread I'd rather be at work than in my bed I'm a conscientious lad you see On top of my work with aid of a hankie When the weekend's here I'll ease up Lots of rest and Lemsip cup On Monday I'm sure I'll be fine For the start of the week, the daily grind STEVEN HOOKWAY, via email.
MOPPING his face with a white hankie, Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley looks like he's had it after a gym session.
A member of the Montana Committee for the Humanities Speaker's Guild, Blanding has been talking to to audiences about the hankie for years.
Lotus Pure, a disposable cotton hankie with 90% fewer irritant substances than ordinary tissues, is targeted at allergy sufferers.
After using a hankie to wipe the sweat from his face, Humperdinck - real name Arnold Dorsey - was seen to stuff it into his trousers and say: 'I only use one.
Unlike other damsels in distress, Jonathan Lasker refuses to drop the hankie, resolutely holding on to disjunction, preexisting systems, and the impossibility of direct expression.
Eddie put on a leather glove from his work van, tied a white hankie to a stick and waved it around and eventually the bird landed on his hand and he took it home.
The strawberry-spotted handkerchief in Othello is arguably the most well-known hankie in early modern drama.
LOS ANGELES -- Hankie Couture announced today that the Hankie Couture 2012 calendar by BrownTrout Publishers Inc.
Last year, I managed to keep my professional cool, with only a few dabs of the hankie, but this year I just know I'm going to have to battle hard against my emotions.