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  • verb

Synonyms for hanker

to have a strong longing for

Synonyms for hanker

desire strongly or persistently

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In the first match played at Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium, Peshawar club, led by Test cricketer Fazali Akbar defeated Hankers club.
The fourth and, hopefully, final slice of the American Pie series hankers for the past, placing the 30-something characters in the same cringe-worthy situations that end with Jim trapping his manhood in a laptop or another member of the gang being spattered with bodily fluids.
Though on course for a Spanish League/Champions League Double, the Special One has made it clear once again that he hankers for a return to England.
Semiautobiographical comedy about a neurotic kid who hankers after life in the Ivy League.
Also this week, David dates Leyla but hankers after Nicola.
WHILE most of the country still hankers after the now deceased Celtic Tiger, the good people of Fianna Fail still can't believe that Bertie has handed over to Brian Cowen.
Practising Catholic" Prime Minister Romano Prodi still hankers after a draft law, which he was forced to drop, promoting marital privileges for all cohabiting couples, including homosexuals.
Agnes, a vegetarian computer geek, hankers after blond, bored, "in-crowd" Elin, who is the object of desire of all the boys and who wants to run off to Stockholm to become Miss Sweden.
It's music that hankers after transcendence, yet revels in its raw humanity.
Yet Steve, now based in Barcelona where he starred during the Terry Venables reign, still hankers after a return to the hotseat.
The pillow's cotton stuffing hankers for revenge, it will throw its damning silken threads into your dreams.