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  • verb

Synonyms for hanker

to have a strong longing for

Synonyms for hanker

desire strongly or persistently

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Let me tell you what trainers really do hanker for.
It's all very well saying if you don't like it, don't watch it, but sometimes don't you just hanker after the Billy Cotton Band Show, The Black and White Minstrels and Dixon of Dock Green?
Tell you who'll really enjoy a topless coffee shop - teetotal blokes who still hanker for a couple of jugs.
But it seems some fans hanker after the days of Sam Hammam and have been bombarding the City chairman with messages calling for the Lebanese businessman to return.
As it does, the future focus of consuming will be inside, rather than outside, so consumer will hanker after products, services and experiences that will develop their mind, body, heart and soul.
Despite a decline in the number of marriages many women still hanker after a fairytale wedding, market analysts Mintel said.
And, despite her flourishing acting career, Billie has admitted she does still hanker after those days.
While most may hanker after their youth in the fifties, more than three-quarters say they would much rather be pensioners today than then.
While most people hanker after the new car smell, the reality is that the vast majority of the 27 million cars on the road are more likely to reek of fish, vomit and stale milk - made even worse with the hot weather bringing out the worst in any decomposing food lurking under the driver's seat.
It even makes one hanker for an 'October Revolution'
JAHEIM: Ghetto Classics Those hankering for the glorious Philly soul sound of the 70s need hanker no more.
We just seem to be programmed to hanker for things we haven't got, and when we get them, we hanker for what we already had.
Starved of jokes and slathered in sentiment, Grown Ups is a soul-destroying exercise in the mundane about a group of 40-somethings who hanker for a return to the carefree days of the past.
A NEW survey says that 65% of women hanker after Nigella Lawson's hourglass curves.
Here's a warning for any Mayflower descendants who hanker to visit "this Sceptered Isle .