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a loose narrow strip of skin near the base of a fingernail


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The stainless steel set includes a mini-cuticle and hangnail snipper, a mini-cuticle pusher and nail cleaner, and a great mini-nail file.
THIS book is about the good witches of Wadingburn and a bad one called Truda Hangnail.
No matter how much you love your husband, or how much your sister's hangnail is annoying her, it's not worth using your tools to help.
I couldn't say because I'm concentrating on a hangnail I've just found.
By the finish of the Open's 92 holes, Tiger had lost both of his lungs, had his right arm amputated and had a hangnail that just wouldn't quit.
You're the Hangnail in My Life (and I Can't Bite You Off)"
Although I was skeptical that a couple of tiny threads of fabric stuck on a hangnail of the victim's hand would really warrant such a suspicion; but maybe that's just me.
Don't take the term "self-funding" too literally; it doesn't mean that you as an employer manage the claim for everything from a hangnail to heart surgery.
I've photographed injured grizzlies, a moose drunk on fermented springtime willow-mulch, and a bad-tempered badger with a festered hangnail, and never had such resistance
I think it is the reason every boob with a hangnail has been clogging the courts and haunting talk shows across the land telling his/her 'story' and trying to get redress for the last twenty years.
As The New England Journal of Medicine succinctly argued in an editorial published just weeks before the decision, "A treatment for any other condition, from hangnail to headache to heart disease, with a similar record of safety and efficacy would be approved quickly.
He said the two-headed quarterback controversy will be resolved by game two, and predicts that Cobbs will explode early before "being hampered the rest of the season with a hangnail.
Protruding some ninety miles to the east like a sharp hangnail stuck on the boot-shaped state of Louisiana's big toe, the river ends as a tangle--in whatever language--of desembocaduras, debouchures, and mouths to the sea.
Catching myself picking at a hangnail, I thought, How silly.