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the upper wall of an inclined fault

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Also encouraging is the continued expansion of the Lower SMC Zone, including the discovery of a new hanging wall gold system that returned multiple high-grade intersections and represents an important new target for future exploration drilling.
The main research objectives of this study are: (1) determining the evolution characteristics of mining stress when the hanging wall and footwall working faces head towards a fault; (2) obtaining the shear stress and normal stress evolution characteristics when the hanging wall and footwall working faces head towards a fault and further analyze the law of fault activation; (3) reconstructing the energy accumulation and dissipation processes of the fault during the process of the working face heading.
The hanging wall strata of the Surghar Fault constitute the topographic expression of the entire Surghar Range in the study area.
Today's results are from four holes, collared on two sections 55 metres apart in the central portion of the Bug Lake area, targeting extensions to the high-grade Footwall and Hanging Wall Gold Zones.
Two holes BELOSI 96 and 98 were drilled in the eastern end of the Osikonmaki shear zone aimed at extending the high grade hanging wall zone discovered in 2011.
The drilling has also significantly improved our understanding of the extent of the disseminated hanging wall sulphide mineralization which was identified as having the potential to add significant value to the project in the recently released Preliminary Economic Assessment.
A fabric that stretched around the perimeter of the carousel hid the horses and provided a continuous convex hanging wall, an inverse situation to that of the future Guggenheim Museum, where he would later curate several shows.
It was at this stage that the metamorphic zoning of the schistose envelope took place, ranging from sillimanite facies at the footwall to muscovite-chlorite and chlorite-sericite facies at the hanging wall.
The 16- by 20-inch hanging wall display features a side-by-side comparison of Artcare protection versus other archival protection plus a cutaway view of the Artcare Archival System.
Gold mineralisation lies within the hanging wall of a highly-sheared zone, and increases with proximity to the zone.
Brune's simulations, however, revealed much stronger shaking near thrust faults, especially on the so-called hanging wall, the land that rises during a quake.
TSX-V: MOA) (Pink Sheets: MLKRF) ("Mountain Lake" or the "Company") is pleased to report the discovery of new multiple stacked hanging wall (quartz-tourmaline-pyrite-gold) veins exposed during a trenching program over a 150 metre (m) strike length in an area 1.
Several regional and local folds have been formed on the hanging wall of MBT due to propagation of this regional decollement.
As illustrated in Figure 1, depending on fault type, hanging wall side moves up or down relative to footwall side.