hanging chad

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a chad that is incompletely removed and hanging by one corner

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Politically imprisoned in the White House as the Democrats stormed Congress, there were no hanging chads to allow Bush to rig the poll this time.
Furthermore, as the battle of the hanging chads in 2000 showed, George "Dubya" has always been a lucky politician, and that can also count for much in a tight contest.
We thank you, Lord," said Mead, "for the prospect of only 11 more days of political bombardment and we pray that you will spare us an additional month or two of hanging chads, recalls and voter fraud allegations.
A private accounting firm has been retained to sort every single ballot according to dimples, hanging chads, even pinpricks, and then calculate the totals, arriving at several different outcomes depending on who wants to count what as a vote.
Hanging chads, bulging chads, the media announcing he'd won before the ballots had even closed, all culminating in a legal bill the size of the Third World debt.
Will Roger Innis and Chris Bowden make it a dead heat in top spot, or will Chris Gumbley be faced with some hanging Chads and Steve Ajao waiting in the wings?
Another sensation in the display is Florida's nominee, "The Hanging Chads.
Oh, yes, we vaguely remember grumbling after some election in 2000, something about hanging chads, Florida and the Supreme Court.
Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Katrina, the twin towers, those hanging chads - heck, there's almost enough material for a trilogy.
In the other state where I spend time -- Florida -- the legislature gave its vote to the zebra butterfly, hanging chads apparently not qualifying as insects.
So that's the end of hearing about ballot counts and hanging chads, right?
It was a remarkable event even for a county that had the butterfly ballots, the hanging chads and the first anthrax delivery.
The new machines, however, make the 2000 election's hanging chads look like litter in a toxic landfill.
Here, under the flag of the Help America Vote Act, was the answer for hanging chads.
30pm and the result will be online shortly afterwards, as soon as we've counted the votes - which shouldn't take long, as we don't have to contend with spoilt ballots, hanging chads or voters queueing outside.