hanging chad

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a chad that is incompletely removed and hanging by one corner

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The court order also provided guidelines on removal of hanging chad and specified that only the two master commissioners, appointed by the court, could remove a suspected chad or hanging chad.
There are handles to pull on voting machines, punch card systems (remember the hanging chads in Florida in 2000?
Throughout the vast and almost entirely thronged concourse television screens keep us updated about the figures, as though they were fast-breaking election results, echoes of Bush and Gore and the hanging chads keeping them hanging on, hanging on.
THE ELECTORAL NIGHTMARE of hanging chads, butterfly ballots, and Bush v.
As Robin Cook put it in his 2003 resignation speech: "If the hanging chads in Florida had gone the other way and Al Gore had been elected, we would not now be about to commit British troops.
I think natural disasters are far more likely to hit Florida than anarchy and lawlessness -- although Florida has been ground zero for both hanging chads and spring break.
Which, in turn, serves as a reminder of the unusual instance more than 13 years ago when the outcome of an American presidential election hung, so to speak, on hanging chads, and the supreme court intervened to put an end to a recount in Florida that, if carried out, may well have left the US with a less idiotic head of state and government.
And lest we forget more recent history, some of those pesky hanging chads from 2000a[sup.
But before we move on from the world of hanging chads and turn our attentions to the meltdown at the BBC, there is an important lesson we can learn from the madness across he Atlantic and that is the practice of adding issues to the ballot.
Regardless of whether the ballot is electronic or paper, whether it has hanging chads or just hangs up, each name of the ballot has a unique alphanumeric code next to it.
Bush went from announcement to primary to the presidency without John McCain or Steve Forbes or the hanging chads in Florida turning him into a running punch line.
This is not just about hanging chads and punch cards.
The election became famous because of the hanging chads scandal that enabled George W Bush to win despite a lengthy legal battle.
Not since George W Bush suffered a bad case of hanging chads in Florida has a result been overshadowed by such electoral shenanigans.
You'd never guess from the response of the great and the good, the well-educated and the nicely dressed, that the United States is a democracy and that, hanging chads notwithstanding, Bush was twice elected president.