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Synonyms for hanging

Synonyms for hanging

hung or appearing to be hung from a support

Synonyms for hanging

decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window

a form of capital punishment

the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely)

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A Rehman Malik said Supreme Court had imposed restriction on public hanging.
Provincial home departments' representatives collectively supported the idea of hanging in jail premises.
Representatives from provincial home departments collectively supported the idea of hanging in jail premises.
The abductors and killers were arrested and executed in public and their bodies remained hanging till the sunset.
And deaths due to hanging between 51 and 70 were not reported.
The vast majority of deaths by hanging are related to suicide.
Materials and Methods: A profile of 87 cases of death due to hanging in the present prospective study was done at FMTD, GMC and NCH, Surat, between October 2011 and September 2013.
Of course, people want to see justice done when they have suffered a loss which is why I say yes to hanging in the case of serial killers, but as mistakes have been made should capital punishment ever return to Britain we must tread with care and treat each case on its merits.
And if this is the solution for murder then it will work on other types of crimes, so before long we are hanging everyone from killers to bank robbers, and from terrorists to protesters.
A 44-year-old Indian man, Naseer, was found hanging in his room in Kuwitat district in Al Ain.
The ornate giraffe is really a shadow of her painted clothes tree, a street find she dragged home on which she is constantly hanging new items.
Words from the Latin pendere have something to do with hanging.
Hanging lining paper horizontally Wallpaper is usually hung vertically, so it's quite a good idea to apply the lining paper horizontally - that way seams will not fall in the same place.
Torrez presents Myth of the Hanging Tree: Stories of Crime and Punishment in Territorial New Mexico, a close study of various criminal cases that tell of the often gruesome role that legal hangings and lynching's had in enacting frontier justice.
It was so shocking to find this poor young girl hanging from a tree.