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a worker who hangs something

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anything from which something can be hung

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in Taiwan, is promoting its multifunctional electric clothes hanger that features remote control, air ventilator, and UV lighting.
Lightweight, durable and super easy to use, the EZ Scarf hanger makes storing winter woolens a snap.
So you Think you Can Dance presenter Cat, 34, is fronting the campaign urging shoppers to hand their hangers back when they buy new clothes and boost funds for Unicef.
We appreciate and value involvement and support all stakeholders in this effort as we move into a new era of greater hanger sustainability in the USA.
The MaxMechanical line of products are made in the USA, including a large selection of Insulation Protection Shields that protect pipes and fit into Clevis Hangers from 1/2” up to 12”.
Up to 150 million unwanted hangers each year could be recycled under the scheme and M&S will donate 50p for every pounds 1 saved from recycling to Unicef.
The company today asked customers to dig out their plastic hangers and hand them in to recycling stations at any of their 520 stores.
Research reveals that there are currently around 530 million unused coat hangers stored in UK homes.
The company's Newcastle store will accept any of the estimated 124m unused hangers currently being hoarded in North homes between Thursday and Saturday this week.
University of South Australia scientists have devised electronic clothes hangers that can download health data captured by smart garments with electronic sensors that monitor heart rates, blood pressure and other medical information.
Pc Speakman was on the beach with Australian friends, including Mr Hanger, who played for Huddersfield in the 1990s.
One of their most curious behaviors is that they use hangers for nest materials.
Tie the end of one string to one end of the horizontal part of a metal hanger.
Pipe and Tubing Hanger product line is specifically made for use in sanitary work areas in pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical manufacturing environments.
We untangled that problem by running a coat hanger between the first and third bolts of the track commander's hatch pad.