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a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained

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But Fedeli says they didn't know of the government's behind-the-scenes discussions to demolish the base hangars and some nearby administration buildings.
North Bay's own Voyageur Airways moved into its hangar the same day ABPC moved onto the site in January 1996 and became what Fedeli respectfully calls the centre's anchor client, in part for the company's role in attracting other businesses.
Due to the complexities of certifying an aircraft hangar, our original goal was entry-level LEED Certified but through careful design and planning we were able to obtain LEED Gold," said Pat Lee, President of LEE Companies.
The two wide-span hangars for line base and heavy maintenance cover the length of half a kilometre.
Optimistic that Taiwan may become the aircraft maintenance hub in Asia Pacific after Taoyuan Aerotropolis is operational, EVA Airways, which operates three hangars with eight bays presently, has submitted its application to Taoyuan International Airport Corp.
UK-based Jewers Doors will supply its latest Esavian doors for a third hangar at Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC), located at Hong Kong international Airport.
The Hooton Hangars, which are maintained by the Hooton Park Trust, were built during the Great War with a planned lifespan of just five years, but were recommissioned for use during World War Two.
This article is the first in a two-part series addressing the valuation of aircraft hangars.
The airline and the board of the airport said American currently leases four hangars and a warehouse on the airport's west side.
The expanded commercial hangars will also mean more revenue for Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that owns and operates the airport.
New hangars are going up and a terminal expansion is in the works at Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport.
As in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds," birds have descended on aircraft hangars to hang out, to nest, and to breed.
From planning to completion, the structure was designed to serve as a template for future C-17 hangars in the Air Force, Mr.
It will have T-shaped hangars with 41-foot-wide doors for general aviation aircraft that are expected to use the new 6,000-foot runway.
Auction items including jewelry, fine luggage, art and furniture filled two hangars and netted $158,000 for the cause.