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be connected

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In another nonsensical plot that didn't hang together, psychotic halfwit Ronnie handed Nick Cotton PS100,000 to leave town.
There are places where the story does not hang together well.
Partly that's because Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard who've written this adapatation have, as usual, made life difficult for themselves by using a selection of the original ingredients to try and spin a brand new mystery that doesn't quite hang together.
The two Manet portraits will hang together in the Blue Gallery until October 21.
The questions are fairly self-contained, but also hang together subtly (e.
Elegant inclusivity sums it up: ethnicity, gender, cultural and religious difference hang together without any clumsiness making this well constructed story eminently readable.
The episodic storyline fails to hang together, the gags sound like Quentin Tarantino at his very laziest, and the ultra-violence skirts between gleeful and juvenile.
It's easy to get carried along with Adam's adventures, but the end is somewhat confusing, and the plot doesn't quite hang together.
Mutual gravitational attraction among a cluster's hundreds of thousands or even millions of stars keeps stellar members in check, allowing globular clusters to hang together for many billions of years.
Bad points: This is a messy film which doesn't hang together well and doesn't know what it wants to be - a deep and meaningful drama about the nature of man, a thrilling action film or a surreal black comedy.
When school starts, I really want to join a club where gag and straight people hang together.
So we need to hang together and be strong as we move into this next phase.
The exhibit, inspired by Matsuda, consists of 24 works created on cloth made to hang together like Tibetan prayer flags.
He said: "Weall hang together and you fight more on the pitch if you are playing with your friends.
We were young and we didn't really worry about how it was going to hang together.