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Maryland is trying to hang onto the title but is being challenged by several other states.
The concepts of passive solar design are simple: capture the heat of the sun and then hang onto it.
The post-pubes who hang onto every last second of MTV's The Real World like it was some revolutionary westernized kibbutz might be startled to learn of an earlier time--in the Paleolithic dawning of political correctness--when large groups of young adults lived together in big, messy houses that smelled of chamomile and garlic bulbs.
Unseen material, known as dark matter, may help the dwarf galaxy hang onto its stars, Wyse says.
He's got a lot going for him but at the moment I think Bradford will be desperate to hang onto him while we are trying to get away from the wrong end of the First Division and still in the FA Cup.
But Republicans could simultaneously fulfill one plank of their Contract With America and launch a preemptive strike for Armey's tax crusade by cutting the tax on capital gains to 17 percent and indexing the gains so that inflation doesn't penalize persons who hang onto their investments.
One doesn't so much read this book as study it while valiantly trying to hang onto the narrative thread.
Another provision will change the preference period, which outlines how long a lender must hang onto collateral before a bankruptcy proceeding to consider it theirs.
I took a stroller wherever we went because it gave me something to hang onto.
Ajax, who saw coach Martin Jol quit on Monday, are desperate for European football to help them hang onto the likes of striker Luis Suarez, who has been linked with a move to the Premier League.
We can hang onto our old attitudes and failings, even though we know we desperately need forgiveness and a fresh start.
The new, slim-fitting shirts have also dispensed with the loop collar and been replaced with a tight-fitting neckline to reduce fabric that an opponent can hang onto.
06), about someone who threw a cigarette end on the floor, I Wilson said they should be allowed to do so as it was unreasonable to expect them to hang onto it, but throwing other litter away is not reasonable.
Al-Maliki, who struggles to hang onto power in a nascent democracy, can scarcely afford to squander support by needlessly defending a country that most of his population reflexively despises.