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David Miliband had his chance to oust Gordon Brown, but preferred to hang back.
When I am not playing well I hang back in the crease and don't look to get into the ball.
We cannot hang back and hope for the best when we've see the kinds of job losses that we've seen over the last year,'' Obama told a jobs summit at the White House aimed at discussing how to boost employment.
It puts you under more pressure and you feel like you might as well go after it rather than hang back.
Here, the job is to hang back and let the audience discover the exhibit on their own, with the music to accentuate.
Yet each individual has a strong incentive to hang back a little and let the other stickleback take more of the risk.
Their outfits and hip tremors might undo lesser women, but they do not hang back.
Sidle up to the cherry wood bar and gaze upon the floor to-ceiling selection of wines, ports, cognacs and the like or hang back and hang back and watch Houston's beautiful people mingle on the dance floor.
I won't be telling our two full-backs Simon Webb and Damien Lynch to hang back.
There are expectations that the January meeting of the Raisin Advisory Committee could result in a price increase which is causing packers to hang back from longer term offers.
The filmmakers hang back and let the interviewees--DePaola, explorer Ann Bancroft, dancer-choreographer Bill T.
But Luke liked to hang back at night, so I considered it my duty to go get the debauchery photos.