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Synonyms for handyman



Synonyms for handyman

a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks

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The scheme, a joint effort between the council and two housing associations, will also have an apprentice scheme attached to bring on a new generation of handymen.
Shane Navarro, a Veneta-based general contractor who is doing handyman work because of the construction slowdown, said unlicensed handymen work for as little as $10 or $15 an hour.
The team of handymen will not even charge for the service, whether they call at private residences or rented homes.
Professionals, who learn to leave their tools at work, and neighborhood handymen, who learn not to be home when you knock, are particularly at risk.
The idea is to build up various franchises across the UK, using a network of fully-trained and experienced handymen," says Smith.
These are the best paid porters, handymen and doormen in the country, and we have always dealt fairly with them, even during hard times in the real estate industry," Berg said.
The UK Guild of Handymen has chosen Jonathan Drewe as Handyman of the Year for 2012 for his services in furthering the reputation and public perception of handymen.
I was struggling to find handymen to work on my houses and that gave me the idea to start Dial a Handyman.
NARI spokeswoman Lisa Gunggoll figures there are about 800,000 individuals across the country who call themselves handymen or remodelers, and she predicts the number will grow, since the newest generation lacks handyman skills but has the money to hire someone.
Handyman, a full-service home repair and maintenance company and the largest employer of handymen nationwide, may be known for its helpful home improvement work, but on October 27 at 11:00 a.
Handybook Provides an Instant and Easy Way for Realty Direct Customers to Book Moving Help, Handymen and Cleaners Online
Prospect Genius spokesman and online marketer Matt Gallo explains, "It used to be that the phone book was where everyone looked for service providers like plumbers or handymen.
Radiators have been drained, taps fixed and back gates repaired from Anfield to Aintree by a team of four experienced handymen.
In fact, thanks to a new state law that took effect Friday, handymen can do even more work around the house.
Careful screening for the right skills and current training methods ensure that handymen have the technical skills to do the job right, and that they are also committed to outstanding customer service.