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Synonyms for handyman



Synonyms for handyman

a man skilled in various odd jobs and other small tasks

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At Briggs Hardware in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, customers frequently ask for help to get their jobs done, says Stuart Davis, the store's handyman and co-owner of the business with his wife, Evelyn Murray.
Unlike the handyman franchises that are becoming increasingly common throughout the country, Handy Guy is a locally owned and independent business.
The handyman then explained that he was about to start a very big job for the local council.
If you're in need of a handyman don't miss your chance to win by 4pm today on page 17.
When the handyman headed to a second floor landing, the ousted super was right behind him.
Licensed handymen and contractors - upset about the chance of losing business to lower priced, unlicensed competitors - alert the Construction Contractors Board when they see ads that fail to list a state contractors license number, which indicates they may be from an unlicensed handyman.
Reid is a handyman from the northwest Jamaican parish where Barbara Scott-Jones was on holiday.
The new consignment comprises the Al-Vac Handyman, a battery operated vacuum lifting machine, the Al-Vac Handyman Mobile, a wheeled variant of the Handyman and the Al-Vac 1600 Lux.
Instead of chasing gang members, he chases ``Clue''-type characters - the butler, the chauffeur and the handyman.
Some six years after selling its first franchise, Case Handyman Services has expanded rapidly, with 66 partners nationwide.
PHILIP HOBBS, the trainer at the centre of the latest ACP doping controversy, made the news for all the right reasons when sending out a double with Just In Time and Handyman, both ridden by Richard Johnson, writes Andrew King.
A DOUBLE inquest into the dramatic deaths of a mother-of-two and her handyman, found dead lashed to the wheel of her sports car in a harbour, will be held in a Neath court today.
At 23, he's also the information technology manager for Handyman Online -- one of Oregon's most promising startups to emerge from the crucible of the late 1990s.
The name was that of a handyman who had worked at the victim's residence.