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It's handwriting at any rate, and that's better than the rest of you did.
on March 17th, 1829, and the fac-simile given in "Scribner's"s alleged to be of his handwriting.
He was conscious that she regarded him with an indifference so profound that the sight of his handwriting would have not the slightest effect on her.
He glanced at the envelope and recognised his uncle's handwriting.
The four and six-penny manual, mostly in his lithographed handwriting, that was never vulgarly advertized, may perhaps some day be taken up by a syndicate and pushed upon the public as The Times pushed the Encyclopaedia Britannica; but until then it will certainly not prevail against Pitman.
The handwriting upon that envelope which I have just restored to you, Mr.
I could be certain of nothing--not even of identifying the doctor's handwriting by the impression on the blotting-paper.
In the first place, his handwriting was so abominably bad that she was obliged to guess at his meaning.
Your friend the valet can tell you who his master's bankers are," he said; "and he can supply you with a specimen of his master's handwriting.
On the bed, and on a movable table which was attached to it, we found books and writing materials, and a paper containing some unfinished verses in manuscript, afterward identified as being in the handwriting of the deceased.
Noticing that the post-mark was "Glasgow," Sir Patrick (to whom the letter had been delivered) looked with a certain distrust at the handwriting on the address.
Is this handwriting the same as that upon the pearl-box addresses?
But if you should be inclined to disbelieve it, here is evidence enough, his own handwriting, I assure you.
It was the ordinary stationery of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and the following words were written upon it in a faint delicate handwriting, but in yellow pencil:-
You saw me send the gardener on to the house, with a letter addressed, in a strange handwriting, to Miss Fairlie?