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a specialist in inferring character from handwriting

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Phagura denied writing the invoices - but a handwriting expert proved he was lying and the 64-yearold went onto admit the PS46,000 scam.
Speakers also included specialist chancery judge His Honour Judge Hodge QC and handwriting expert Gerry Metcalfe, who spoke about forged documents.
IT WOULD be a fairly straightforward task, I feel, for a handwriting expert to provide analysis of my nature from a quick perusal of the score sheets of my chess matches.
We've sent it to a handwriting expert and it's just about 100% certain that they were done by George," he said.
The report adds that the Morning News "deciphered a note written by Jeffs - which was never entered into evidence - by enlarging the photograph and having it analyzed by a digital enhancement expert, a handwriting expert and a genealogist.
Claudia Rose, handwriting expert and amateur detective does not believe her old friend Lindsey committed suicide.
Not only does the creditor have to pay for the handwriting expert, but usually also has to present the handwriting expert with a sampling of true signatures from the guarantor such as canceled checks, tax returns or a driver's license for purposes of comparison.
4) A handwriting expert for the defense testified and contended that Mr.
And that red- lipstick writing on the album cover is hers, but a handwriting expert might be confounded.
On another occasion two Globe reporters went to the home of a handwriting expert in Evergreen, Colo.
After a week of work, the handwriting expert submitted a report identifying one of the woman's coworkers as the probable writer of the letters.
He calls in a handwriting expert, federal funds are held back and the reproductive center is finally forced to close down.
In related news, according to a handwriting expert, Camilla loves the limelight and wants to be the queen.
He said he has a handwriting expert which would prove that his signatures were all forgeries.
And one of her former colleagues has become the prime suspect over the letters after she hired a handwriting expert in a bid to get to the truth.