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a specialist in inferring character from handwriting

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Phagura denied writing the invoices - but a handwriting expert proved he was lying and the 64-yearold went onto admit the PS46,000 scam.
Sheila Lowe is a world--renowned handwriting expert and the author of two best selling books on the subject.
Oates's DNA was on a bullet, and a handwriting expert said writing on the package was his.
Handwriting expert Ruth Myers, who analysed a bunch of scribbled notes Heather was carrying last week and which showed her intention to take Macca's family home as part of the divorce settlement, says: "She's a fantasist who lives in an unreal world of her own and has lost all sense of truthfulness.
In "Forensic Handwriting Examination: A Definitive Guide", Hawaii-based handwriting expert Reed Hayes has created a definitive instruction manual illustrating the basic practices of handwriting examination--the kind employed to certified authorship of hand written documents and to separate the authentic from the forgery.
4) A handwriting expert for the defense testified and contended that Mr.
He was arrested after a handwriting expert provided evidence, but Murphy told police that he would never steal from his friend.
Last night handwriting expert John Beck boosted his hopes by saying: "Cameron's writing proves he's principled, shrewd and strong.
On another occasion two Globe reporters went to the home of a handwriting expert in Evergreen, Colo.
After a week of work, the handwriting expert submitted a report identifying one of the woman's coworkers as the probable writer of the letters.
And one of her former colleagues has become the prime suspect over the letters after she hired a handwriting expert in a bid to get to the truth.
The Appeal Court has quashed the conviction after hearing an identical copy of the will was later found in a storage unit and a handwriting expert confirmed both were genuine.
Handwriting expert, Dr Audrey Giles, told the London court she believed the signatures on all of the documents to be genuine.
Just like verbal communication has two components, listening and speaking, so does written communication, reading and writing," emphasizes handwriting expert Edda Manley.
Hallam, a widower from Loughborough, Leicestershire, took the piece of paper to a historian and handwriting expert who confirmed the document was genuine.