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a work produced by hand labor

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50 each, Moroccan handworked star metal lanterns in three sizes, pounds 49, pounds 79, and pounds 120, from: Graham & Green.
Portrait (all works 2006), for example, has a felted underlayer--which registers as a handworked relative of the machine-stitched unprimed canvas--that is combined with delicate, sweeping overlays of hairlike black strings punctuated with light red accents.
The Elite models sport a fancy finish, G-style decocking lever and handworked actions with fabulous trigger pulls in double and single action.
The affordability of handworked Asian imports is certainly a factor, as is the general well-being of the U.
The general term 'print' loosely defines an image on paper printed from an inked and handworked surface, either a wood block or, in the case of an engraving a metal plate.
They proposed a sequential five-step approach to using CPS-based problems in chemical courses: 1) produce a handworked (approximate if necessary) solution, 2) produce a CPS-based solution, 3) perform an analysis of the computer solution, 4) examine "what-if" scenarios via the CPS and 5) perform economic evaluation and optimization of the process using the CPS.
Poke in Prapat's shops for old native-made vessels and boxes of handworked bamboo, brass, and bone.
Across a wide spectrum of artistic practice, craft materials are in vogue, with Sarah Sze, Tom Friedman, and Jim Lambie among the many prominent artists using handworked odds and ends such as drinking straws, sugar cubes, and Q-tips in their sculptures.
While technology is giving us unprecedented innovations in manufacturing, there is also a marked return to fabrics that have handworked detailing.