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a wheel worked by hand

control consisting of a wheel whose rim serves as the handle by which a part is operated

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The new system consists of three elements: an operator station (made up of a geared handwheel and mounting facility), a valve station actuator, and a unique, patented helix drive cable.
In many cases, however, the geared handwheel will be the most cost-effective.
Also, as this process simply replaces existing handwheels or levers, the integrity of pressure envelopes is not compromised in any way.
It consists of three elements: an operator station (computing a geared handwheel and mounting facility), a valve station actuator, and a unique, patented drive cable linking the two.
It features a single handwheel elevator adjustment and roll opening indicator.
The valve covers consist of two hinged half-moons that completely enclose a valve handwheel, ensuring that essential valve operations tan only be carried out by authorised personnel, and that potentially hazardous maintenance can be performed safely.
A multi-turn interlock fitted to the manual override handwheel (HWL) prevents the interlock from being overridden manually.
In addition to lack of ventilation, many customer vehicles are not fitted with appropriate restraints to prevent cylinders from toppling over and knocking open handwheel valves.
The R230 cylindrical grinder from Mitsubishi combines an innovative PC- based control with manual handwheel operation for machining short runs of different workpieces.
Anilam's Dual Handwheel mode provides easy access to the most commonly used operations.
The new GL-U valve interlock from Smith Flow Control has a novel mounting mechanism that allows it to fit virtually any type of handwheel operated valve without modification.
by motor or handwheel Globe Finishing and See above CTS systems for MDF, PB, OSL, and OSB Globe First-pass Overhead, spring or Skinner Saw, loaded wheels, Model 16A mounted in top frame, height adjustment by Model 16 H motorized jack Globe First-pass Overhead, air or or Skinner Saw, spring loaded Model 16B wheels, common height adjustment by motor or handwheel Globe Specialty Saw, See above Model 16AB Globe Second-pass or Equalizer Saw, Model 13H Globe Scarf Saw, Model 13T Globe Cut-off Saw, Pneumatic Model 13Q bar clamp Globe Flying Cut-off Spring or air loaded Model 13 R wheels or rolls when required Burelbach Gang Rip Spring Saw, Model 60R Globe Specialty Saw, Spring loaded wheels Model 16Q common height adjust by ratchet or motor.
The ATL works as follows: the standard condition of the device in service is locked (key-free), with the handwheel free-rotating.
The grinder features AC digital servo motors for all axes and an electronic handwheel for fine micrometric adjustments.
The operator also can select a move type--for example an arc, taper, or chamfer--and in turning one handwheel, the control automatically programs the path of the second axis.