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Manufacturer of authentic Aboriginal footwear and handwear.
We would be looking at interfaces with footwear and handwear, not only for basic protection but chemical/biological protection.
A new handwear line includes a glove liner ($12) and the Cushion Sport Glove with a leather insert ($29.
The company designs and manufactures, here in the USA, coveralls, jackets, vests, pants, pallet covers, headwear, handwear, footwear and accessories in various weight product lines - Light Weight; Brown Duck; Storm Trac; Iron-Tuff and Minus 50 [degrees] Suits.
Consequently, chainsaw safety handwear routinely features a greater degree of protection for the left hand than for the right.
Consequently, we need handwear that is lightweight and not overly bulky, and that can provide protection to temperatures of -62 degrees C for at least two hours.
The technology is also currently being evaluated for use in handwear, footwear, tents/shelters and other applications, where fire retardation is essential.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 8415-000271 To 000273 Handwear For Ski
Dispensing with his handwear after being fouled 25 yards from goal, Lukaku picked himself up and drew an even better save from Enyeama with a well-struck free-kick.
It looked faintly ridiculous as the referee checked players' studs, made sure they weren't wearing dangerous chains and then inspected their woolly handwear.
In fact, until the advent of specific shooting gloves, many handgunners used these other handwear products for shooting.
The following types of clothing are not included into the report: legwear, headwear, handwear and other similar garments.
Masley's background as a luger has made him well prepared to improve handwear and is one the reasons for his success.
Nolan's head and handwear expertise ranges from the finest leather to complex knitting, ensuring the superior quality expected by our Laundry by Shelli Segal customer.
OR's product lines include apparel, handwear, headwear, gaiters, shelter systems, storage systems, and distribution of Exped tents, sleeping bags and mats.