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Synonyms for handwash

wash or launder by hand instead of with a machine

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It included: "No handwash provided in toilets, it costs too much to pay for a company to come in and refill handwash dispensers, so the best we get is a bar of slimy soap now and again.
The brand urged them to take The Savlon Handwash Pledge - a pledge to wash their hands before touching food.
The Manchester-based firm also owns Carex handwash and Morning Fresh washing-up liquid.
Purchase two handwash soaps from HD Supply Facilities Maintenance and receive a free dispenser while supplies last.
So this handwash makes you feel it can really be trusted to do exactly what it says on the package - "kill 99.
In four of the dairy plants Safeway operates to supply their 1,000 + supermarkets, evaluation was recently conducted on a system intended to promote greater handwashing frequency, and to standardize the handwash procedure.
Reduce your risk of catching norovirus, a cold or the flu by washing your hands regularly with one of these useful products 1 Antibacterial Handwash, Moisture Plus, 83p, Sainsbury's This wallet-friendly wash will blitz bugs, keep hands smelling sweet and stop skin getting too dry.
Palmolive Naturals Ultra Moisturising With Olive Milk Liquid Handwash (300ml, pounds 1.
HANDWASH has never been the most cherished of beauty products, it's true.
Instant Foam Handwash and Foaming Wash Mittens will hit shelves later this month, both aimed at building on the success of the Kandoo toilet wipes offering, which first went on sale in July 2001.
Do you know of any liability suits that have been brought in cases where failure to properly handwash led to a serious or fatal infection?
01 SAVE 77p SWAP Palmolive Antibacterial-Plus Liquid Handwash (500ml), pounds 2 FOR Essential Waitrose Antibacterial Deep Cleansing Handwash (500ml), pounds 1.
Asda Essential Care handwash - fresh blue with added moisturiser I really liked this product.