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the act of supporting yourself by your hands alone in an upside down position

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Moreover, California Scents' USA-based manufacturing, deep retailer relationships and talented base of employees represents a complimentary fit for HandStands," said HandStands CEO Chris Anderson.
Moreover, California Scent's USA-based manufacturing, deep retailer relationships and talented base of employees represents a complimentary fit for HandStands.
When I went to Beijing at age 7 to live and train at the National Circus School, our hand-balancing coach used to force us to maintain a handstand for 30 or 40 minutes
Andrew will perform a very sculptural move and handstand on the roof, which will look stunning outlined against the aesthetic of this unique building and the skyline beyond.
It's been going well," said Julie, who has done nearly 190 handstands.
Maybe more court cases should be handled this way: Order Fortune 500 executives to walk around with dunce caps, make mafia thugs do handstands, do whatever makes for more interesting courtroom decisions.
Summary: The class sits patiently in a circle watching two men perform sweeping kicks, acrobatic handstands and delicate footwork, all the while engaging in minimal physical contact.
GRADUATE Charlotte Voce has a high-flying career ahead of her - as a wingwalker with an aerobatics team performing handstands strapped to a biplane.
Holly tells everyone that her dog, Hamilton, can do handstands, Hamilton really doesn't want to and so at the talent show just sits.
Sure, it may take some loosening up before you pull off handstands in Monkey Conditioning, but before long, you'll be working muscles you never knew you had with all the exuberance of a kid at recess.
That picture is part of Kinmont's 8 Natural Handstands, 1969, which also finds him upended in desert grasslands and in a shallow river.
Between perfecting one-finger handstands and single-handedly fending off 1,000 enemies at once, the residents of China's Shaolin Temple are hawking T-shirts, candles and chopsticks online.
MARK JOHNSTON'S horses are winning doing handstands at present, and so with two entries in the race, the outsider Tourism looks well worth a bet at odds of around 20-1 in the 6.
Why Pandas Do Handstands and Other Curious Truths About Animals.
Unison Backstreet Boys choreography, flares, flips, handstands, head spins, pop-locking, and refined break dancing mingle with graceful transitions and expand notions of classicism in this hour-long work.