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a metal bar (or length of pipe) used as a lever

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By heaven, man, we are turned round and round in this world, like yonder windlass, and Fate is the handspike.
The handspike is the instrument used to work the paddles on locks along the Calder and Hebble Canal, similar to a cricket bat, but much less refined.
The1-million-lawsuit against the National Enquirer and its source, Georgia music industry veteran Derrick Handspike, comes a week after the troubled performer surrendered to authorities in Los Angeles to begin serving a 55-day prison term for a driving under the influence conviction.
Authorities say Hill, who was already serving a life sentence for the 1986 slaying of his girlfriend, used a board studded with nails to bludgeon Handspike to death.
Author Derrick Handspike said: "They were planning a small wedding, probably in Las Vegas, with just the two of them and their daughter.
Clark Russell observes that Dana, like Melville after him, "seiz[ed] the pen for a handspike [and] prized open the sealed lid under which the merchant-seaman lay caverned" (149).
involuntarily I paused on my handspike, and told Queequeg to do the same, thinking of the perils we both ran, in starting on the voyage with such a devil for a pilot.
With an overall length of 17in, this monstrous handspike will not only protect your grip, but will send your foes running in the other direction.
Although flogging had been prohibited by statute in 1850, corporal punishment was not prohibited, the effect being "merely to change its character from the specific to the general: it prohibited the cat; and by implication authorized the use of the belaying-pin and handspike.
Included with each lead set is a 5 m cable fitted with a duplex handspike for probing the lightning receptors on the tips of the turbine blades.
Hill has spent 21 years on death row for killing fellow prisoner Joseph Handspike.