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Synonyms for span

extend over


extend across


Synonyms for span

the measure of how far or long something goes in space, time, or degree

the period during which someone or something exists

a specific length of time characterized by the occurrence of certain conditions or events

a limited or specific period of time during which something happens, lasts, or extends

Synonyms for span

the complete duration of something

the distance or interval between two points

Related Words

a unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches)

the act of sitting or standing astride

to cover or extend over an area or time period

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Yes, the cervix was ready: dilated by a full handspan.
Spreading out a map of the North African Maghreb, Hanson explains it in corporeal terms to Hamid: "On this map, one handspan to the right along the Mediterranean shore lies Woran.
Not long ago it looked like all of the rest, but the family took a big gamble with Handspan Adventure Travel.
Jesus, and his companions will then come down to Earth and they will not find on Earth so much as a handspan that is not filled with putrefaction and stench.
0 that, regrettably, never rises higher than an outstretched handspan above the northern horizon as seen from the temperate latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere.