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Synonyms for handsomeness

the quality of having regular well-defined features (especially of a man)


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While in Sense and Sensibility, Elinor deplores the undue influence even upon herself of Willoughby's handsomeness and liveliness, "which it was no merit to possess" (377), and conspires with her family to bestow Marianne on the good, devoted Brandon as a "reward" for his "sorrows" (429), the marriage of Frank and Jane is based not on some "moral calculus" (Hopkins 157) (13) of merit or desert, but, like that of Romeo and Juliet, on a powerful, perhaps similarly instantaneous attraction.
Instead of submitting to her father's choice of an English-sympathising suitor, Margaret had become engaged to Malcolm Fleming, noted for his handsomeness, his 'noble birth', his 'fame in chivalry' (p.
Tom may lack the elan of the late, lamented Matthew, but his solid warmth, coupled with Leech's helpful handsomeness, make him a worthy Downton leading man.
As you see, I nearly managed to be the first person to interview Paolo and not mention his handsomeness, but now he has gone and done it (sort of).
The possessor of a shaggy, almost Byronic handsomeness, Timbers is unfailingly polite and appealingly self-effacing.
His role as the prosecutor Herr Rolfe, employs a number of characteristics that define his image: a sharp intelligence, confidence, an intensity that is both disciplined yet emotional, and, not least, a sculpted handsomeness.
who is "wearing his handsomeness like an article of clothing" in order to land a role in film.
In the photo, Eduardo smiled out bravely at the world, his hair jet black, his eyes light brown and his very handsomeness brought sunlight into the room.
Miles curled his lips upward without achieving a smile; he had perfected this expression, which displayed a handsomeness bereft of its customary warmth, during the last several months.
Robocop" is a 1987 film by director Paul Verhoeven and staring Peter Weller at the peak of his handsomeness in a role that made the most of his limited acting range.
There is a certain Lego-like charm and blunt handsomeness to the rectangular clouds that throw shadows on the game's pea-green hills and the dumpy sheep that roam them.
But to mellow down his harshness, Athena also imbues him with the handsomeness of a god (1996: 19) and a calm good sense (1996: 23).
STAR "I tried to do my best to whittle myself into any semblance of handsomeness.
People's responses showed that the highest rated reason was sex appeal even though it was mostly related the protagonists' handsomeness and intelligence.
The Xenon has surprised many local customers with its blend of contemporary handsomeness, rugged construction and torquey diesel engine at affordable pricing levels.