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the quality of having regular well-defined features (especially of a man)


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STAR "I tried to do my best to whittle myself into any semblance of handsomeness.
Comedy nice boys Peacock and Gamble come to Durham with a show full of fun, idiocy and handsomeness on March 21.
People's responses showed that the highest rated reason was sex appeal even though it was mostly related the protagonists' handsomeness and intelligence.
Six thrillsy books full of adventure, bravery and handsomeness.
The Xenon has surprised many local customers with its blend of contemporary handsomeness, rugged construction and torquey diesel engine at affordable pricing levels.
Craig was a more obvious choice for the role of Blomkvist (sharing the same craggy handsomeness as Michael Nyqvist, who first played the role), the crusading journalist.
They all coincided in his handsomeness, in his extraordinary attraction, and in the strangeness of his behaviour, unusual in a person of his condition" (34).
Indeed, his handsomeness seems to be the very qualification that lands him the "job" of enticing Alicia into the war effort; in much the same way that the CIA will later dangle Alicia as bait in front of Alex, here the agency dangles Devlin as bait for Alicia.
In such a situation, it is usually understood that the groom's handsomeness and manliness became irresistible to the girl.
In terms of handsomeness and immediate visual appeal The Natural History of Ulster may seem like just another 'coffee-table book", but it would be a shame if it was so treated.
And men too feel the pressure to conform to certain ideals of male handsomeness.
He's a Hollywood actor, successful rock star and, according to the majority of females on Planet Earth, one of the most wibble-inducing hunks of handsomeness to ever walk the face of the globe.
His handsomeness of physique and voice brought the element of homoerotic obsession to the fore, and the evil was all the more chilling for being intellectually calculated.
She initially pretends not to recognise him, but love is soon rekindled through his kindness, handsomeness and gentlemanly manners.
00--The first thing that will perhaps strike you about this book (volume 43 of a projected 86-volume set of translations into English of the writings of Erasmus; 50 volumes have been published to date) is its handsomeness.