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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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3, SATA and SAS primitives are used for a variety of signaling and handshaking functions, and perform most of the low-level, time-critical functions.
Every single person leaves his or her seat and heads for centre aisle, joining in a melee of hugging and kissing and handshaking and talking.
He bluntly told him to do "less handshaking in future" - or at least ensure that he wore a glove.
Whereas most handshaking pictures -- the infamous grip and grin cliches a -- fail to communicate because the hands are clasped for the purposes of a posed picture, these shaking hands are spontaneously supporting Clinton's candidacy.
There is much handshaking and exploitation of patriotic and religious symbols, but little chance to hear from ordinary working people, from parents who see the ineffectiveness of our schools, or from former welfare recipients who have received little training to help them effectively enter the work force but still have young children to care for.
That's a lot of handshaking and fund-raising between now and then.
Also Y2K difficulties may occur for controls that are connected to a local area network where handshaking software may exchange a date.
The main thing, really the only thing, I recall about his visit was how surprised - astonished even - he was by the street life in my neighborhood: He just couldn't get over the front-stoop sitting, small-lawn watering, handshaking, bearhugging behavior of all the Stanislaus, the Attilios, the Christos, and the Boschkos on Marshfield, each of whom we had to stop and talk to every time we made our way up or down the block.
There is Bradley, the earnest small town banker's son, in the Mississippi river town of Crystal City, Missouri, fresh from the NBA, traveling the country and hustling for money, but, like Robert Redford in The Candidate, feeling detached, wondering what all the incessant fundraising, and handshaking is for.
The exchange is called handshaking, meaning that the two computers "agree" to send certain signals back and forth in a systematic way.
The Company offers extensive value added monitoring features and has in-depth knowledge dealing firmware handshaking requirements.
The USB BusXpert software also offers a variety of ways to display the captured traffic, from viewing an entire transfer and its associated packets in Transaction view, viewing a transfer as it looks in the USB specification, to viewing the handshaking in Protocol view.
I've said to him I don't believe in handshaking, it's whether you have a proper practice between us.
1928: In Italy, handshaking was banned as it was deemed unhygienic.
Even so, those familiar with 8b/10b encoding still face a learning curve with SATA due to the new technologies it introduces such as Common Mode signaling, Out-Of-Band (OOB) handshaking, Spread-Spectrum Clocking, and Data Scrambling.