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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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Thus, generalization of the effect of handshaking on compliance with a request can be made only when the effect is studied in other cultures.
As it was then, it is now, we are still a handshaking culture.
elections drawing near, politicians across the nation are stumping--traveling through their home districts campaigning, making speeches, and doing a lot of handshaking.
Netli offers a system of speeding up the delivery of web traffic by proxying for HTTP traffic near both source and destination during a transaction, and passing data between the two points using a proprietary protocol that requires less handshaking.
As campaign manager Brett Perry says, the stops are just "good old fashioned, grass-roots, handshaking politics.
Nevertheless, handshaking is considered polite and usually welcome.
Their lives consist of ribbon cutting, trips abroad, handshaking and blood sports.
While individual signals were often used for handshaking and signaling special events on Parallel ATA and SCSI, on the new serial busses it is the 'primitives' that perform the handshaking and event signaling.
There will be a lot of handshaking going on in trying to bring some of these people and investment to Northern Ontario.
Developing the complex handshaking necessary to ensure that the feeder stopped vibrating before the placer picked off a component, and that a component was always available when the placer was ready to make its pick, required a similar symbiosis between the engineers at USVibra and the engineers at Panasonic Factory Automation in Elgin, Ill.
I'm thrilled to bits, he's a lovely horse and I'm so pleased for the owners and everyone in the yard - we've had a great season," said Cox, whose palm will be blistered when he wakes up this morning after all the handshaking that went on.
Cox did have to give special thought to the job of president, making sure the leaders used proper hand-washing techniques after marathon handshaking appearances and sunscreen for outdoor events.
At the touch of a button the Tilt Image Stabilization system lets users compensate for handshaking as well as minute vibrations.
Every single person leaves his or her seat and heads for centre aisle, joining in a melee of hugging and kissing and handshaking and talking.