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grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)

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In researching this column (yes, I know it surprises you but I do research) it appears there's a variety of handshakes above and beyond the two I've mentioned.
We found that men had firmer handshakes than women did, on average, but we also found that women who had firm handshakes tended to be evaluated as positively as men are.
In June, an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association called for restricting handshakes in health care settings and the "promotion of an alternative, health-conscious gesture to substitute for the handshake.
e health and safety brigade move into overdrive and now want to ban the good old-fashioned handshake.
coli, scientists at Aberystwyth University exchanged handshakes, high fives and fist-bumps, and found that transfer of potentially diseasecausing bacteria was highest during a handshake.
coli, experts exchanged handshakes, high-"ves and "stbumps and found that transfer of potentially disease-causing bacteria was highest during a handshake.
He said that there are few terrible handshakes that should be avoided at all costs, such as "the dominator", which is felt by the other person, because their hand is forcibly moved so that their palm is facing up, beneath the other person's and it can be intimidating, and gives the receiver little chance to establish an equal relationship.
Dominant handshakes (when you try to get your hand on top) are bad form.
Justices Kihara Kariuki, Kathurima M'Inoti and Jamila Mohamed said Telkom should pay its control and unionisable team the comparative of two-and-a-half months' primary wage for each year of completed service, Sh40,000 in transportation considerations and at least Sh150 million Golden Handshakes.
ARSENE WENGER has banned handshakes to stop a virus spreading through the Arsenal squad - so players are touching elbows instead.
Rangers boss Hughes said: "I'd like the handshakes scrapped.
The Premier League has confirmed the traditional pre-match handshakes will take place when QPR host Chelsea at Loftus Road.
DEFIANT Premier League chiefs have no plans to scrap the pre-match handshakes when John Terry and Anton Ferdinand are due to go face-to-face for the first time this season.
THE Premier League have reiterated their intention to press ahead with the traditional pre-match handshakes as Anton Ferdinand prepares to play at Stamford Bridge on Sunday for the first time since Chelsea captain John Terry was accused of racially abusing him during the reverse fixture last October.
Where handshakes do occur it is not a particularly big deal.