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sewn by hand rather than machine

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The Queen wore an Angela Kelly-designed single crepe wool primrose dress with handsewn beading at the neck in the shape of sunrays.
Handsewn from the very finest of leathers with a rugged hard-wearing sole and leather lined with a fully padded insole, this beautifully constructed and luxurious moccasin can be worn outdoors as well as indoors.
The ship has been handsewn using the 1,200-year-old method of sewing hull planks together with handmade coconut-fibre rope, not one nail nor screw has been used.
The costumes were handsewn because the film was shown in the Cinerama format - the picture would be so detailed, movie-goers would have been able to see any machine stitches.
Made in the brandCOs Italian artisan factories, each suit is fully canvassed, cut, constructed and handsewn by skilled craftsmen using the worldCOs finest fabrics, each garment requiring 33,000 stitches.
Every book design has "couture," or handsewn, bindings using French silk thread, imported paper, and hand-picked fabrics.
To show the bank's role in community history, the celebration included a bank lobby exhibit, "200 Years of History, a Display," which showed various bank memorabilia including the institution's original charter, handwritten with a quill pen and bound in a handsewn book.
Filled from first page to last with Ehrhart's remarkable style and progressive poetic resonance, Sleeping With The Dead is an twenty-four page, handsewn, elegant, showcased presentation.
Moreover, genuine handsewn construction ensures durable comfort while each outsole is accented tastefully with Sperry Top-Sider's signature 18K Gold Cup burgee.
Besides the designs, which vary from transitional to contemporary, details such as double-lined, handsewn shades; mountings and caps made from wood or metal; and solid brass thumb switches on the 3-way sockets will help differentiate the line, they said.
Stapled ileal pouch anal anastomoses are safer than handsewn anastomoses in patients with ulcerative colitis.
A colorful collection of old handsewn aprons "on a clothesline that wandered through the oak woods .
There is a handsewn chieftain haggis for top tables and ceremonial purposes, catering rolls for large functions, and even miniature and bite-size haggis.
Why would any individual want to host a quilting bee when they can buy a handsewn quilt made in China for just $35?