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telephone set with the mouthpiece and earpiece mounted on a single handle

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Pathway Handset, and CDMA Pathway Handset Markets Breakdown
For those who want more extensive phone functions but aren't ready to go wireless, there is the option of an IP phone, which looks much like an analog handset but taps into the network's capability more than traditional phones.
When asked which maker's handset they would buy next, 30% replied Sharp, followed by Panasonic and NEC (about 25% each), and Sony/Sony Ericsson (over 20%).
RFMD is winning cellular transceiver designs by providing systems-level innovation to leading handset original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and baseband partners.
IEMR's North America Handset Market Share and Forecast is one of the most comprehensive database of its kind in the world, and it covers 13 vendors in 2 countries.
VirtualLogix will also promote its active participation in the Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS) at the show, underscoring the company's commitment to promoting Linux development in the mobile handset market.
The highly optimized software configuration fits entirely within the onboard RAM of the "LoCosto" TCS2300 solution removing the need for any external RAM which reduces the overall handset bill of materials (BOM).
As a result of the collaboration, mobile handset manufacturers will be able to rapidly develop UMA-enabled Microsoft([R]) Windows Mobile([R]) smartphones and UMA-enabled feature phones based on the TI OMAPV1030 GSM/GPRS/EDGE solution.
The demand for complementary cellular components in 3G multimode handsets is growing significantly faster than the handset market, as UMTS handsets proliferate and as new UMTS regions are added.
Seldom adopted in global leading handset manufacturers i.
Virtualization technology is playing a vital role in the rapid adoption of Linux, which drives performance and technology enhancements in the handset market," said Haila Wang, president, Linux Phone Standards Forum.
TriQuint Semiconductor (Nasdaq: TQNT), a leading manufacturer of RF front-end modules for wireless handsets and networks, released its eIGlobal Handset Strategy' today for addressing broad market trends in new generations of wireless phones.
BenQ Selects SKY-MAP Software Solution for New Handset Development
LONDON -- "Reviewing handset shipments for 2006, you would have to give a B+ for Effort but only C+ for Results," says Jake Saunders, Asia-Pacific research director for ABI Research.
com/reports/c49132) has announced the addition of "China Mobile Handset Manufacturers Report, 2006" to their offering.