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something bestowed freely

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427; "Refueling Highlights, 1992-2007," published by the Air Mobility Command history office in 2008; Roy Handsel, "Talking Paper on B-2 Participation in Operation Allied Force," given to author during his visit to Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
In Foreword to William Storrar, Scottish Identity: A Christian Vision (Edinburgh: Handsel Press, 1990).
God, family and sexuality edited by David W Torrance The Handsel Press, Carberry, Scotland, [pounds sterling] 9.
Graimark was formed by Allen of Detroit and Philadelphia attorney Handsel Minyard.
com AnnMarie Handsel, Community Relations Director kingwood-crd@emeritus.
he founded Handsel Books, an imprint at Other Press/Random House.
The Ordinary Shares held by Handsel Limited are held on behalf of Waseem
Montale in English by Eugenio Montale, edited by Harry Thomas, Handsel Books, 2005, $17.
50) John McIntyre, Faith, Theology and Imagination (Edinburgh: Handsel, 1987) 159.