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a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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To say its staff should always get hold of a handrail when walking down the stairs is a bit ridiculous.
I would have thought in these days of Health and Safety and disabled access legislation, a handrail would be statutory.
Now, almost finally back to full health, the 54-year-old has become trapped in her apartment because the council refuses to put up a handrail to help prevent her from slipping on the path.
At night, the bridge is quietly transformed by LED (light emitting diode) lighting under the handrails that shines down the glass to illuminate the edges of the deck.
When used properly and with appropriate contrast--such as with a dark handrail against a lighter wall--these color schemes can give residents additional confidence in negotiating corridors.
The contract worth pounds 250,000 was a prestigious win for the firm's architectural division which was chosen to supply the handrails and balustrading as well as glass infills to the piers at either end of the bridge which links St Paul's Cathedral with the New Tate Gallery of Modern Art at Bankside.
NHTSA first expressed concern in 1993 about the entanglement of clothing in school bus handrails and issued several consumer warnings.
I fell off when I got sick of seeing way too many stairs and handrails shoved down my throat.
SIMI VALLEY - The city is being urged to adopt senior-friendly design requirements - like handrails in hallways and stepless entrances -for senior housing developments popping up around town.
But administrators at the Sir Clough Williams Ellis designed village say the handrails are essential for the public's safety and will not be unsightly.
For example, the BS recommends circular handrails should have a diameter of 40-50mm.
Areas covered by these codes include exits (width, height, number, and location), corridors (width), handrails and grab bars (location, height), equal access for handicapped, floor level changes, protruding design elements, ramp rises and landings, and space allotments per capita.
BradyGlo(TM) products are designed to identify stairwells, stair steps, exits and doors, floor pathways, handrails, and landings.
steel canopy construction BA 2,25 m outdoor railing BA 2,55 m indoor handrails BA 2,1 St.