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a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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One in nine people over 60 have sight loss, and as much as one in three people over 85 have sight loss, so that ramp, handrail and walk-in showers could be further disabling, not enabling, if you can't see them.
Summary: Suspects accountable for injuries of couple who fell off yacht's surface as handrail snapped
CONSTRUCTION group Colmore Tang has bought out Black Country outfit Stainless Handrail Systems.
Mark Busby, a former director of Stainless Handrail Systems is assisting with the handover.
A girl had a narrow escape after her shirt was trapped in the handrail of an escalator at a mall, lifting her several meters off the ground.
Depending on Mine Safety and Heath Administration standards, operators can use the Safety Handrail in place of an e-stop cable.
In photos posted by Edmer Bade on his Facebook account, a man can be seen on his back atop the train's steel handrail while the other passengers looked on.
The boardslide was surely the first handrail maneuver, and a good front or back board never goes out of style.
Police shut the Canal Basin Bridge and traffic was diverted after the man sat over the handrail just before 3pm yesterday.
Most importantly, from a safety standpoint, a handrail is:
2] and related physiological responses during treadmill walking and jogging with and without handrail support.
com)-- Wagner Architectural Systems has announced the addition of a new component for their illuminated Lumenrail[R] lighted handrail product group -- the Klik System's LEDPOD.
A CONSTRUCTION company was fined after two workers fell from a scaffolding platform after a handrail collapsed.
IF you need to add or replace a wall-mounted handrail on a staircase, the KIT06 White Oak Boxed Rail Wall Mounted Handrail Kit, pounds 149, Richard Burbidge, is just the thing for the job.
YOUNGSTERS are being warned about the dangers of playing on escalators after a schoolboy who fell from a handrail suffered serious injuries.