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a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

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The protester sits astride the handrail on the Canal Basin bridge over the ring road |
As per the new circular, he said, there should not be any bars on the handrail for kids to climb on or any gaps wide enough to let them slip through.
If you needed to use the handrail in an emergency, could you?
The Klik System's LEDPOD is an individual LED lighting fixture which is designed to snap into a 1-1/2 inch to 2-3/8 inch round handrail or guard top rail section -- no threading is required.
The men, including a 59-year-old from Hightown, had been investigating a leak in the roof at Barlow Moor High School, Manchester, when one of them leant on a wooden handrail that collapsed.
2m lengths of white oak handrail, four chrome wall brackets in a striking Art-Deco-style octagonal design (other designs are available), and two matching end caps for the rails.
Police are warning youngsters of the dangers after it was found the boy had been hanging on to the escalator's handrail on the wrong side.
Bizarrely the metal in the handrail would expand in hot weather by three inches and there had been one or two occasions when, embarrassingly, the bridge would stick and couldn't open.
Now place your top handrail over the first spindle to set the height.
Often, a "lean rail" or "palm rail" can be best for an arthritic hand, while an ADA-compliant handrail might be less easy to grasp because of its narrow and unfamiliar shape.
A STEEP woodland "stairway to heaven" will be an easier climb for ramblers now handrails have been installed.
Fitting a handrail Large or small, inside or outdoors, stairs have the potential to be dangerous.
The company, a plastic recycler and manufacturer of green building products, blamed the decline primarily on the removal of a previous style of ChoiceDek handrail and the replacement of a new ChoiceDek handrail system in Lowe's stores nationwide, resulting in an unusually large amount of returns.
The installations at the Frankford and Olney transportation stations both feature safety messages asking that riders "Please Hold the Handrail for Your Safety" and are color coordinated to the respective train line that connects through the station with a holiday twist.