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act of relinquishing property or authority etc

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Coordinator of the committee in charge of the handover affairs on the Palestinian side Salem Khilleh told KUNA there is an agreement to release scores of Palestinian bodies within the next two weeks.
Beckham will be joined by five young people, from schools and colleges which are part of London 2012's Get Set education network, for tomorrow's handover ceremony at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.
For evaluation of network capacity and investigation of handover parameters, the network planning and handover calculation software was developed [3].
NHS Wales targets - set by Welsh Government in 2009 - dictate that the handover of care of patients from an ambulance crew to hospital staff should be achieved within 15 minutes.
It also directed all SSAs/SAs to submit their Handover notes/reports to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the SSG.
Speaking at the handover, Takeda remarked on the growth of judo in Botswana, applauding strides the BJF has made internationally encouraging its promotion.
They also removed the machineries of the factory from their places and stacked those on a side, kept the factory locked for long time, kept its hundreds of workers jobless, hence violating conditions of handover agreement," the release added.
Li [8] and Xiao [9] considered enhancing X2 handover key management in regards to lacking forward security.
We are working very hard to improve the handover process to make this as swift as possible, especially as we head into winter.
Dubai-based developer Azizi Developments completed the official handover to owners of its Dubai-based property - Azizi Liatris Residence - in Al Furjan.
Different heterogeneous network needs different handover protocol like 2G network by UMTS-AKA, LTE by EPS-AKA, LTE-AKA and WLAN and WIMAX by EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA.
One of the main challenges regarding MIMO-capable, heterogeneous wireless technologies is the provision of the support for a robust mobile video service such as Internet Protocol television (IPTV), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) [5], and video streaming [2, 3], whereby fast and seamless handover and forwarding schemes are supported between heterogeneous wireless-access networks.
Overall in 2014 and 2015, there have been six Category A calls - the highest priority life-threatening cases - where handover took more than two hours at the RVH.
While our town officials are to be commended for exploring cost-saving ideas, the potential handover of Route 117 to the state appears to be proceeding in a hasty and troubling manner.
Part of this expectation involves communicating relevant and detailed information to ensure the safe handover of care.