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(American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate

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An estimated 80 percent of the most serious medical errors can be linked to communication between clinicians, particularly during patient handoffs.
According to a study by Singh et al, residents are at particular risk for involvement in medical errors secondary to substandard handoffs because of their relative inexperience, chronic fatigue, lack of supervision, the inherent complexity of large academic centers, and the severity of illness in the patients they treat.
Patients are referred to home health care from a variety of settings, most frequent being upon discharge from a hospital The findings from our quality review revealed no setting consistently provided all the information needed by home healthcare for a safe transition Even hospitals with specific discharge planners/case managers responsible for the information did not consistently provide complete handoffs Incomplete handoffs significantly impact the home healthcare nurse's ability to safely transition the patient care to the home and to ensure they remain safely in the home for their recovery.
If 01 dribbles first to the right side and handoffs the ball to 02, 02 would then become the (first) cold dribbler and the "Attack" portion "is on hold.
In addition, studies show that at least half of communication breakdowns occur during handoffs.
We found this model to be a good framework for a concise yet thorough approach to patient handoffs.
Here's hoping your business has more good handoffs and fewer "Whoa, Nellie" moments.
The Notre Dame boys' 400 relay team of Glass, Garrett Green, Sean Jackson, and Chris Barton took advantage of a bad handoff on the third pass by Long Beach Poly to place first in 41.
Company broadens portfolio with innovations in 4G handoffs and power control
3 by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)-indicates that improving verbal and written communication during patient handoffs can reduce medical errors substantially without burdening existing workflows.
The number of handoffs that are included in the generic part of the offense can be dictated before the "attack" begins.
During handoffs, there is no packet loss, allowing uninterrupted use of real-time applications like VoIP and video for users on the move.
In this Motorola demonstration, laptops and mobile devices are equipped with dual radio transceivers that support both CDMA/EV-DO Rev-A and LTE and are active during the packet handoffs.