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(American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate

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Little says she advocates for an accountability protocol in which an outgoing handoff requires a direct conversation with a clinician at the receiving program.
All labor, materials and equipment required to providee and install a 10 Gbps ethernet link circuit with handoff between the following end points.
Miscommunications and handoff errors are two of the most significant causes of medical errors in hospitals in the U.
As part of Continuity, Handoff performs better in transitioning from using your iPhone or iPad and vice versa but certain abilities are still missing.
Ultimately, the handoff should build a shared understanding of the patient, care goals and tasks, and possible scenarios that might threaten patient safety.
As routine as a report between nurses and units have become, the same is not true with handoffs between care settings Recently, the Colorado's Home Health Collaborative (1) conducted a quality review of handoff procedures for patients being transitioned in and out of home healthcare The conclusions from this work include the recommendation of the use of checklists to improve the quality and safety of patient transitions between levels of care Three checklist tools have been developed by the Collaborative for use by all care settings across Colorado and can be obtained by emailing Deb@ColoradoNursingCenter.
5, 03 has received the last handoff from 01 and therefore has become the hot dribbler.
Twenty-five percent of all air traffic control errors occur within 15 minutes of a handoff, according to federal data.
Handoff forms provide a means of communication that may save a life.
In light of the well-documented problems, the Joint Commission made handoff communication the subject of its National Patient Safety Goal Requirement 2E.
Plus, I suspect that the number of handoffs rises and falls with overall store or phone traffic; when things are very busy, it might seem impossible to deal with a handoff.
In addition, Transport4 will allow non-subscribing pipelines to post their ULSD Facility Handoff Reports to its website.
On third-and-goal from the Tiger 1, Clark faked a handoff and rolled out, spotting Drew Griggs for the 1-yard winner.
Congestion happens because a distinct network interface device is required at each point of presence (POP) handoff from each service provider.
the leading provider of network convergence and IMS based solutions, introduces their seamless handoff and voice call continuity solution across GSM and Wi-Fi/IMS Networks at the CTIA Wireless 2006 in Las Vegas, NV.