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Synonyms for handmaiden

in a subordinate position

a personal maid or female attendant

References in classic literature ?
The kerchiefs I will restore, as Sancho says he has them; as to the garters that is impossible, for I have not got them, neither has he; and if your handmaiden here will look in her hiding-places, depend upon it she will find them.
The girls rang rather timidly, and were admitted by a grim and ancient handmaiden.
Of course it was beautiful; but there was something more than mere beauty in it, something more stingingly splendid which had made beauty its handmaiden.
Doctor, the good handmaiden became reconciled to her presence, and told her cronies at the Glen that Miss Cuthbert was a fine old lady and knew her place.
There were only the old housekeeper and her handmaiden in the house, so that on the plea of not giving too much trouble I could indulge what my other half calls my fantaisie dereglee as regards meals-- that is to say, meals so simple that they could be brought out to the lilacs on a tray; and I lived, I remember, on salad and bread and tea the whole time, sometimes a very tiny pigeon appearing at lunch to save me, as the old lady thought, from starvation.
Nielsen's lighter side appears in the Humoresque Bagatelles and there's a picturesque Dance of the Handmaidens.
Humanities handmaidens staff the HR Department or the uncompensated Sales Team of a STEM startup.
Young handmaidens from Cheltenham Ladies' College were willing bookies' runners and if there was a paradise on earth I had staggered into it.
The handmaidens escorted me to a wooden throne which was enthusiastically hoisted into the air by four virile young men and the noisy procession through the village began.
Others on the list of Venerables include Alvaro de Sollano, prelate of Opus Dei; Canadian widow and Handmaidens of Immaculate Heart of Mary, founder Marie Joseph Fitzbach; and American Mary Angeline Teresa, founder of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm (Zenit.
What is the collective name for the nine handmaidens of Odin?
Pretty singing came from Leila Bowie and Jamie-Rose Guarrine as handmaidens, though in this staging, it was hard to tell just who was serving which mistress.
Assistant learning officer Lauren Wilkinson, who ran the event yesterday, said: "We've had our very own pharaoh with one of his attendant handmaidens at the museum today, answering lots of questions from our visitors about what life was like in ancient Egyptian times.
We are not handmaidens but caregivers, not pillow fluffers but life savers.
The mosaic depicts a myth in which the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis (Diana in Roman mythology) was surprised while she was bathing with her handmaidens by the hunter Actaeon, causing the goddess to punish him by turning him into a stag and was devoured by his own hunting dogs.