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Synonyms for handmaiden

in a subordinate position

a personal maid or female attendant

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While all were, as has been said, observing him, suddenly from among the duennas and handmaidens the impudent and witty Altisidora lifted up her voice and said in pathetic tones:
The widow, however, meets him with her handmaidens.
The men were making merry with festivities and dances; some were bringing home a bride to her husband on a well-wheeled car, while the bridal-song swelled high, and the glow of blazing torches held by handmaidens rolled in waves afar.
Two fairies were they; the younger, it is true, was not Dame Fortune herself, but one of the waiting-maids of her handmaidens who carry about the lesser good things that she distributes; the other looked extremely gloomy--it was Care.
The handmaidens of the establishment, in their best caps, then handed the trays, and the young ladies sipped and crumbled, and the bespoken coaches began to choke the street.
Recently, a commission within COMECON has been formed in an attempt to reform the organization, but Professor Andrzej Lubbe, Poland's representative, notes that "COMECON was the handmaiden of a specific political system, and it was the political system and not COMECON itself which determined the scope and form of cooperation.
Last month AJC Berlin took the lead in criticizing the German daily Sueddeutscher Zeitung for publishing a cartoon that depicted Israel as a monster with Germany as its handmaiden.
In 1999, she gained her first high-profile role, playing Natalie Portman's handmaiden in Star Wars The Phantom Menace, but it was Bend It Like Beckham that proved to be her breakthrough.
He said: "There was never a party, a breakfast, a lunch, a cuppa or a quiet word or drink that Cameron and Co would not turn up to in force if The Great Man or his handmaiden Rebekah Brooks was there.
Showing their true colours, holding nothing back, The season is winters handmaiden, springs alchemy aphrodisiac
Dubai The foreign policy of India needs a rethink as it is increasingly becoming the handmaiden of economic policy, especially liberalisation, a former diplomat and union minister of the country said.
I myself, together with my handmaiden, have traversed a holy land to that temple and tabernacle so that we could enjoin with our fellow man a discourse so varied that all the priests of Jerusalem would be perplexed at its enactment.
As Edward tries in vain to unmask the identity of the spy, Mathilde, handmaiden to the Queen, is called upon to assist the King in his endeavours.
County's operations and the job's role as a handmaiden to the five county supervisors and decided six months of winter wasn't so bad after all.
The Senate refused to confirm Bolton last year because of his bullying management style and well-documented disdain for the United Nations, which he had denounced as irrelevant and useful only as a handmaiden for the United States.