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Synonyms for handling

Synonyms for handling

manual (or mechanical) carrying or moving or delivering or working with something

the action of touching with the hands (or the skillful use of the hands) or by the use of mechanical means

the management of someone or something

References in classic literature ?
For racing, a cutter; for a long pleasure voyage, a schooner; for cruising in home waters, the yawl; and the handling of them all is indeed a fine art.
After all, the art of handling ships is finer, perhaps, than the art of handling men.
In her handling a ship will not put up with a mere pretender, as, for instance, the public will do with Mr.
His themes were oftenest those of the French novelist, but how far he was from handling them in the French manner and with the French spirit
However, if the mode is not experienced, is unpredictable, or is not discovered and corrected during testing, some operational pilot will eventually encounter a handlings quality cliff, and recovery may not be possible.
Test pilot compensation hides critical handling qualities cliffs that can lead to loss of an aircraft when encountered by less skilled pilots.
Because aircraft design, power, and stability all affect and are affected by the aircraft control system, the key factor in the development of control systems for aircraft is to design them to optimize the aircraft performance while providing carefree handling qualities to the pilot.
The problem of aircraft handling exists because aircraft controls are counterintuitive.
These systems of high-order approximations generally do a great job of reproducing the handling qualities of the perfect aircraft; however, they result in a system that potentially is unpredictable to the operator and they introduce unpredictable response in the overall aircraft system (National Research Council, 1997).