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the cost of handling (especially the cost of packaging and mailing an order)

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Matson's terminal handling charge was first implemented in 2003 and is designed to recover a portion of the costs associated with the movement of cargo through terminals.
The plaintiffs argued that the statutory language was unambiguous and demonstrated the legislature's intent to limit any handling charge to the reimbursement of a sum reasonably representing the actual expenses incurred in processing a copy request, as long as that amount did not exceed $20.
The levy would be charged at the same time as the regular entry handling charge and would be refunded in full on any occasion that horses are balloted out.
I was thinking of ordering 20 for a group of friends, but that would have meant a handling charge of pounds 30 on top of the pounds 300 for the tickets.
Surely, I was entitled to the pounds 1 handling charge for time and effort involved to collect it.
Some companies charge up to two per cent commission, pounds 5 minimum charges and pounds 5 handling charges on currency and travellers cheques.
We are, therefore, going to contact the association that represents the industry to see if they can introduce a system whereby heavier cards carry a note that extra stamps will be required or the receiver could face a handling charge.
A RELEASED prisoner, on licence for a handling charge, was driving around with a stolen safe in the boot of his car.
WITH regard to Mr Quinn's letter (Daily Post , December 5) regarding the handling charge of pounds 12 at the Passport Office.
50 handling charge will apply when multiple shipments are required for an order that Cannot be filled immediately Customers have the option of waiting until an order is complete for shipment (thus avoiding the handling charge) or of having items shipped as they become available (a $5.
With regard to Matson's terminal handling charge, which appears as a separate line item on the company's freight bills, Hoppes added: "Terminal handling costs comprise over 40 percent of Matson's operating costs.
President Travel, General Sales Agent of Gulf Air for Nepal, stated that termination of flights to Kathmandu were done due to high ground handling charge and double taxation.
50 handling charge as they chose to call it because I also do not pay by direct debit or their monthly payment plan.
Last week I was notified by the local sorting office, that they had a letter for me which had a deficient postage of a massive five pence with the handling charge.
He was acquitted of the handling charge but found guilty of conspiracy to defraud a finance firm.