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a fishing line managed principally by hand


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An ecological survey and comparison of bottom fish resource assessments (submersible versus handline fishing) at Johnston Atoll.
Buckets of water delivered by helicopter helped curtail the Buckhead Fire when the handline failed, but only temporarily.
Whole Foods Market's skilled seafood buyers source tuna and swordfish from green- and yellow-rated fisheries such as those using handlines (a fishing method that uses a single baited line to catch one fish at a time), which have low to no bycatch.
Seven have been certified as sustainable by the MSC to date: Western Australian rock lobster, Thames Blackwater herring, Alaskan salmon, New Zealand hoki, Burry Inlet cockles, the South West mackerel handline fishery and Loch Torridon Nephrops.
Contact: Beth Handline, DTS, 105 Tides Edge Place, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082; [telephone] 904/827-1279, *** 904/827-1630, e beth@dancefitness.
Economics of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Handline, Solid Set, and Wheelline.
Liebling observed: "The American press makes me think of a gigantic, supermodern fish cannery, a hundred floors high, capitalized at eleven billion dollars, and with tens of thousands of workers standing ready at the canning machines, but relying for its raw material on an inadequate number of handline fishermen in leaky rowboats.
Kelson's idealization of the old handline fishery constituted a rejection of the prerogatives of private capital.
Be very careful using your handline on kitchen fires.
He hooked a salmon and that's when his problems started, He had tangled all the line on his reel and decided to handline the fish in but didn't have a net.
They introduced the bultow, or trawl fishing, to replace the traditional handline used from the deck of vessels.
The forms are for eight fishing sectors which are KZN Trawl, Demersal Shark, Squid, Tuna Pole, Hake Handline, White Mussel, Oyster and Traditional Linefish.
The three primary gear types assessed included bottom longline, bandit reel, and handline.
An ecological survey and comparison of bottomfish resource assessments (submersible versus handline fishing) at Johnston Atoll.
Fortunately it came offand because the nylon was wound round the tip of my rod, I decided to handline it into the bank rather than risk it sticking again and losing it.