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  • adj

Synonyms for handless

without a hand or hands


lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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Shaara has a solid franchise going, and those who have read and liked his and his father's previous efforts will watch with curiosity to see how the kid handles D-Day.
Both models offer optional retractable door straps and grab handles.
As the two talk, the handless man eerily intuits that the protagonist has been abandoned by his family.
To the store's credit, the team at Firehouse handless large volume easily, although the wait for a freshly made sandwich may top 20 minutes and calling ahead on you order may not lessen the wait.
Along the way there are intriguing episodes about his relationships to various women he meets in Warsaw and especially with a handless former pianist for the Auschwitz orchestra, Zakhor.
The many maimed (headless, handless, tongueless) bodies represented in Titus Andronicus offer a mirror stage gone tragically amuck: in place of the "statue" or "orthopaedic" image of bodily totality that Lacan's paradigmatic infant admired, viewers of this play confront the fragmented body of the disintegrating individual.
He is logically inconsistent when he places his own literal head on the figurative body of Rome, and insensitive when punning on hand in handless Lavinia's presence: "What accursed hand hath made thee handless in thy father's sight?
Users, from scholars to schoolchildren, can use these handless to turn citations in online papers into active links.
TALENT AT A GLANCE (NOT ALL CONFIRMED): Valentino Garavani - Valentino: The Last Emperor, Paul Kalbrenner - Berlin Calling, Andy Garcia - Cachao Uno Mas, Abel Ferrara - Chelsea on the Rocks, Willem Dafoe - Chelsea on the Rocks, Elsa Pataky - Mancora, Adrien Brody - Mancora, Daniel Burman - Empty Nest, Alejandro Sanz - Handless Trick, Clive Russell - Lecture 21, John Hurt - Lecture 21, Noah Taylor - Lecture 21, Dennis Hopper - Chelsea on the Rocks, Grace Jones -Chelsea on the Rocks
Prosecutors accuse the one-eyed, handless cleric with trying to set up a jihadist training camp inOregon; aiding militants who took 16 tourists hostage inYemenin 1998 in an operation that ended with the deaths of three Britons and one Australian; and of providing material support to al Qaeda and theTalibaninAfghanistan.
He's best known as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses but in recent years he has perfected the role of handless villain The Hook.
In one of Cezanne's most attractive still lifes, La Pendule Noire, also painted at Zola's in 1869-70, the viewer's eyes are first attracted by a large shell and a lemon rather than the handless clock (Fig.
A further drawing showed a headless and handless corpse of a woman positioned in the way Miss Halstead's body was found, the court heard.
Big Dawn plays a deranged midwife who isn't quite as upsetting as the spectre of handless clown Mr Jelly terrifying screaming children with his hook.
The headless and handless body of 42-year-old John Finney was discovered in Ickleford, near Hitchin, in March 2008, two weeks after he was abducted from his vehicle.