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one who trains or exhibits animals

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an agent who handles something or someone

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Lectures and instruction during training teach handlers to address distractions and attacks by dogs and teach safety and self-advocacy strategies (telephoning law enforcement or animal control agencies).
The setting for the study was a church where neither the dogs nor the handlers had been before.
It is implemented now in a phased and incremental manner, targeting all food handlers involved in the food chain: preparation, processing, cooking, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, selling and service of food or donating food.
Organic handlers are typically small firms, with 48 percent reporting sales below $1 million annually, and 22 percent between $1 and $5 million per year.
A high-profile role for dog handlers is in HM Revenue & Customs, who use dogs to find illegal substances such as drugs and explosives at ports and airports.
Some handlers of the material are blaming the pricing volatility on fund managers and "new money," who find commodity trading to be a viable investment tool and are increasingly responsible for the movement of copper scrap.
Foundation officials say a new center in the south would consolidate administrative and training facilities, saving money and time for dog handlers such as Teller, many of whom are firefighters.
However, a feeling that progress is being made following talks on Friday, when Arena signalled a willingness to provide employment for existing RaceTech handlers, has led to the threat of a strike being rescinded.
Add in the reality that some insurers, in search of greater claim-handling efficiency, have overloaded their claim handlers with cases.
Such carriers are required when testing these devices in conventional gravity-fed handlers and the M6841A uses a patented technique to handle these devices horizontally.
Aetrium Incorporated (Nasdaq:ATRM) today announced the recent receipt of customer orders for multiple units of its 55V series of gravity feed test handlers.
Throughout the past several months, as copper prices continued to climb, many handlers of scrap said that a correction was inevitable.
They travel the West in three custom tractor-trailers with their handlers and a Dalmatian dog.
CHAMPION jockey Kevin Darley has called for an increase in the number of stalls handlers in the wake of the delayed start to last Saturday's John Smith's Cup at York, writes Bill Barber.