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having no handle


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This complements the new kitchen designs which offer handleless doors.
This volume contains nine papers from that workshop that consider such topics as the economic implications of patterns of ceramic vessel similarity in ancient Egypt, the Minoan plain handleless cup as icon and index, plain wares and urban identities in Late Bronze Age Cyprus, the evolution of plain ware ceramics at the regional capital of Alalakyh in the second millennium BC, and ceramic consumption and social context at Middle and Neo-Assyrian Dur-Katlimmu.
Surely these were the most conventional of Mackenzie's still-life subjects, yet her selection was unpredictable, suggesting a kind of history of taste, from Wedgwood (a company founded in the eighteenth century) to the tapered, slender, handleless modern cup in Striped Cup and Paper Bag, 2012, to the eccentric stacked tower in Tall Pile of China, 2010, a various array of personal choices and, perhaps, another nod to a modern genre, the stripe painting.
When handleless, more cookware can also fit in the oven and in the drawer, as well as in the dishwasher, which is "designed for dishes, not cookware.
Already in mass retailers and heading to beauty chains in the fall, hair tools such as the HandleLess blow dryer have aided in achieving a significant increase in year-to-year sales with such technology as Cool Touch Nozzle, which provides consumers the versatility, comfort and control they need for effortless styling.
Prominent were pipe bowls still reeking of tobacco, hookah parts, and small handleless porcelain cups, signposts to the growing habit of smoking and coffee consumption and the burgeoning social role of these two stimulants in community life.