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the shaped bar used to steer a bicycle

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Combo #1 - Petzl Tandem Trolley + Handlebar + Locking Oval Carabiner + Lanyard
His online shop offers wall hooks crafted from gear sprockets, mirrors made from spoked wheels, clocks crafted from drive trains and chain rings, and sleek chrome "urban antlers,'' with the bike seat as the "skull' and the handlebars as the antlers.
His friend and landlord Keith Griffith said: "Richard had a very distinctive look, he had a handlebar moustache, always carried a black umbrella and usually wore an RAF flying jacket.
uk of 8000 people, 25 percent of women voted for Handlebar.
Raising the handlebar Sometimes, I bless the day Lady Gaga was born.
During an extensive study of the product the company found that the handlebar fitted in few Ray scooters was affected by this potential issue.
The iconic moustache sported by mir Khan in Mangal Pandey has emerged as a big fad again with Ranveer Singh flaunting a handlebar in his soonto- be- released Ram Leela .
Jennings Ford's handlebar challenge team with Justine Johnson from Daisy Chain
The 11-year-old is believed to have been riding his bike in the Holley Park area near Helvellyn Avenue in Washington, Tyne and Wear, shortly before 10am yesterday when he fell from his bike on to the handlebar, which pierced his left thigh.
Frequently altering the position of your hands on the handlebar so you are not in the same position for prolonged periods of time can also help.
The post hoc analysis with Bonferroni adjustment showed a significantly lower thoracic kyphosis in all handlebar positions than in the standing position, and identical results in the significance values for both groups were found (p < 0.
1) The first type is a small, focal abdominal-wall defect resulting from impalement by a low-energy blunt object, such as a bicycle or motorcycle handlebar.
HANDLEBAR Club president Rod Littlewood said: "I'd like to give all the players a huge 10/10 for taking part, raising funds for and awareness of prostate cancer.
There's no comparison between seeing video shot by a face in the crowd of you on your BMX or skateboard and viewing footage captured by a digital video camera strapped to your helmet or handlebar.
When moving, the input and pace of the operator moving the handlebar will control the angle and sharpness of the turn, allowing the operator to maneuver in and around confined spaces and around obstacles where other machines cannot.