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the shaped bar used to steer a bicycle

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Recently, a benefit gig for the son of Maria Cafra drummer, Rolly Averilla, held at Handlebar, drew an SRO crowd.
Combo #1 - Petzl Tandem Trolley + Handlebar + Locking Oval Carabiner + Lanyard
His online shop offers wall hooks crafted from gear sprockets, mirrors made from spoked wheels, clocks crafted from drive trains and chain rings, and sleek chrome "urban antlers,'' with the bike seat as the "skull' and the handlebars as the antlers.
The salient issue is whether the handlebars at the bottom of the screens were readily visible and protruded into the concourse so as to constitute a reasonably foreseeable tripping hazard (see id.
His friend and landlord Keith Griffith said: "Richard had a very distinctive look, he had a handlebar moustache, always carried a black umbrella and usually wore an RAF flying jacket.
uk of 8000 people, 25 percent of women voted for Handlebar.
Raising the handlebar Sometimes, I bless the day Lady Gaga was born.
The company has taken this voluntary step after it detected insufficient strength in the handlebar of some scooters due to inadequate welding.
India Yamaha Motor will recall 56,082 units of its Ray scooters in the country to fix a glitch in the handlebar.
The handlebar moustache is the hottest facial trend now, being sported by many Bollywood actors, cricketers and even local fashionistas.
THE ECHO'S Jamie McLoughlin is almost two weeks into his Movember challenge and the makings of a handlebar moustache are clear to see.
The event was hosted by The Handlebar Club, a UK club for gentlemen with large moustaches, which was set up over 65 years ago in a London theatre.
A YOUNG boy became impaled on his BMX handlebar after an unlucky fall.
At the same time, the company said it is further extending the life of its Handlebar Hill open-cut operation 20 km north of Mount Isa.