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a large bushy moustache (with hair growing sometimes down the sides of the mouth)

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In all the broad landscape those were the only moving figures, the graceful girl sitting very straight upon her machine, and the man behind her bending low over his handle-bar with a curiously furtive suggestion in every movement.
The model features dual projector headlamps, DRLS, new OVRMs, clip-on handle-bars and new tail lamps.
Following this, a 10-min familiarization session was supervised as follows; (a) as participants pedalled, they were supervised to use only foot-platform, while they held the stable handle-bars for 2-min, (b) they only pulled the moveable handle-bars for 2-min, (c) they only pushed the moveable handle-bars for 2-min, (d) participants were instructed pull one handle-bar as they synchronously pushed the contra-lateral bar for 2-min, and finally (e) as participants pushed the foot-platform down with one leg, they were supervised to pull the handle-bar with their contra-lateral arm, and at the same time, synchronously push the handle-bar with ipsi-lateral arm for the last 2-min.
He seems to ride with a holdall on the handle-bars and a giant chip on the shoulder.
But unfortunately for those of you expecting something like ET, these won't look cute balanced on your handle-bars wrapped in a shawl and they won't make your BMX fly.
But when Keith took control of the handle-bars Lorraine got more than she bargained for.