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Synonyms for handle

deal in



fly off the handle


Synonyms for handle

to bring the hands or fingers, for example, into contact with so as to give or receive a physical sensation

to use with or as if with the hands

to behave in a specified way toward

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for handle

touch, lift, or hold with the hands

handle effectively

show and train

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from 1994 through 2007 that do not have safety retention straps to secure the bed handle to the bed frame to keep the bed handle from shifting out of place and creating a dangerous gap.
Finished handle made from a handle sprig mold with critter accent attached.
8X or 3X, 100 x 75 mm) Advantage 3x "large," with 8-mm LED battery handle -- -- 38 Schweizer 3X Kryptostar, with plug-in rechargeable handle -- -- 42 Eschenbach 2.
Lifetime Brands offered several colorful handle choices across its many cutlery brands.
An optimum processing window requires a draft angle of 5[degrees] to 8[degrees] in the handle area (Fig.
The new proof by Weber, Hoffman, and Wolf establishes that a helicoid with one handle doesn't told back on itself.
Long handguard with leaf sight, carrying handle mounted quadrant sight,
Matthew Corpuel and John Donnelly will handle this assignment on behalf of Insignia/ESG.
When third-party vendors are used to process and handle data, their procedures must follow HIPAA guidelines.
Seminars on containing dangerous chemicals can be customized for the products a business handles.
Liz Kimmel, manager of Sperling Nursery in Calabasas, says trowels - the tool used for planting small bedding flowers - are sold in myriad colors and designs, but too often the novelty styles bend and break because the metal is too thin and the handle is attached with a pin inserted through the center of the plastic or wood handle.
Effective sand removal of the casting at shakeout is important because the casting will cool faster, excessive sand will not be carried into the shotblast machine and the casting will be cleaner to handle.
An easy way to resize an object, other than evoking Format AutoShapes, is to click on any handle and drag it to the desired size.
Did you ever hear of a double doe's foot handle for a splitting maul?
The blade needs to be flat but of the hardest steel, which needs annealing after it is formed to produce a hard cutting edge, but the job of the handle is to fit the hand, so it is ideally rounder and softer.